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Chilli Powder

Chili powder (also spelled chile, chilli, or, alternatively, powdered chili) is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of chili pepper, sometimes with the addition of other spices. Chilli powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine to make foods spicier. Used it moderation it adds a lovely red glow and sharp flavour to dishes without making it unpalatable.

Raw Cotton

Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants. The fiber is almost pure cellulose, and can contain minor percentages of waxes, fats, pectins, and water.Cotton is known for its versatility, performance and natural comfort. Cotton's strength and absorbency makes it an ideal fabric to make clothes and homewares, and industrial products like tarpaulins, tents, hotel sheets, army uniforms, and even astronauts' clothing choices when inside a space shuttle.


India is the world's largest producer of cumin, accounting for about 70%.Cumin seed is used as a spice for its distinctive flavor and aroma, cumin or jeera is an essential kitchen spice. It is pastries. It promotes digestion, improves blood sugar control while reducing the used in curries, seasonings and variety of food preparations. It is also used as an ingredient in some pickles and food-borne illnesses. Hence, it's a healthy spice that also flavours food to its best.


The grape is a fruit that grows in tight clusters. It has a white or purple flesh of sweet taste, eaten raw or in juice, although it is chiefly used for making wine. They are also used to make preserves. It contains various minerals and vitamins, and it is considered to be antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic. The clusters are dried to make raisins; besides, there are multiple preserves made from grapes, like caramel grapes, grape syrup, grapes in alcohol and grape jelly.


A pomegranate is a sweet, tart fruit with thick, red skin.They're rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and even contain some protein. Pomegranate is known as a "super food" because of its nutrient-rich qualities. It is loaded with vitamins A, E, and C, all of which have antioxidant actions and work together to support cardiovascular health, as well as for improving iron absorption, which makes pomegranate fruit a great option to treat and prevent anemia.

TEJA / S17 Red Chilli

Teja chilli is the finest grade of Guntur chillies in India. Its mostly produced in the southern states of Indian fertile land and exported as whole Dried red chilli or Powder form, Usually bright red in color. Its also known as S17 Type chilli.Teja or S17 is one of the hottest varieties of red chillies produced in India. The popularity of Teja dried red chillies crosses all the boundaries as the spice lovers all over the world are fond of this red chilli variant because of its hot tingling taste and eye-watering peppery flavor. Teja chilli has fiery heat and is considered one of the hottest chillies in India. It is one of the popular chillies among international buyers and is perfect for stir-fry, soups, and stews.

SANNAM / 334/S4/S10 Red Chilli

Sannam, also called as 334, S4 and in few places as S10 is a highly popular variants of the red chilies that is renowned because of its nice aroma and pungency. Almost with 50% of chilli production in India, Sannam chilli has two forms â?? Sannam chilli with stem and without stem. Both are in good demand globally, used in variety of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisines. In India, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh are high in production of Sannam red chillies . However, top quality Sannam chilli is largely produced in Guntur region of Andhra Pradesh. This variant has medium pungency and is very healthy, good for digestion, blood circulation and appetite.

Byadgi Red Chilli

Byadagi chilli is a variety of chilli mainly grown in the Indian state of Karnataka. The business involving Byadagi chillis has the second largest turnover among all chilli varieties of India. An oil, oleoresin, extracted from these chillies is used in the preparation of nail polish and lipstick. Byadagi chilli is also known for its deep red colour and is less spicy and is used in many food preparations of South India.
Itâ??s a kind of wrinkled, long and dark red colored dried red chilli that has health enriching vitamins and minerals. You can get Byadgi dried red chillies in different forms in the market like byadgi chilli with stem, byadgi chilli without stem, crushed dried red chilli flakes and dried red chilli powder.

Wrinkled Red Chilli

Wrinkled 273 dried red chillies are highly in demand in continents like Asia, Europe and also Canada. The magnificent red color, mouth-watering aroma and medium pungency is what makes this chilli so admirable among the spice lovers. For those who prefer less spiciness in their food can opt for wrinkled 273.

ENDO 5 Red Chilli

Endo 5 is also known as Indo 5 or Indem 5. Itâ??s hot and has a sharp pungent smell. This is a longer, thick skinned dry red chilly that comes with larger seeds and mature pods. Those who love hot and spiciest food can go for this chilli. Itâ??s eye-watering pepperiness and mouth-watering flavor makes it the best choice of red chilly for use in Indian food and snacks. Pickles, sauces and various other hot spicy dishes can be prepared in the best form with the Endo 5 dried chilli powder.

Chilli Flakes

Chilli flakes, sometimes known as "crushed red pepper flakes," are used as a garnish on a variety of foods, including pizza, stir-fries, hot spaghetti, and many more. Sauces, soups, pickles and curries get the touch of chilli flakes most often.

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