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Green Line For Invesment BV

GOLD Member
Supplier From Netherlands

We Can supply Barley up 200,000 tons a year Only serious and end buyers contact US


Our company is Final supplier for Chickpeas up 40,000 tons per year only Serious buyers and serious Order can send us a request

Brokers and middlemen are NOT welcome to contact us

Cocoa Beans

We can supply cocoa beans from Indonesia, C�´te d'Ivoire and Ghana, the annual quantity we do 1500 tons. We deal with honest, realistic and serious buyers.
We do not welcome brokers who waste time
Any serious buyer is welcome to send his request and we will contact him if he also wants to meet us in our office in Europe. are welcome.

Organic Fairtrade Cocoa Powder Alkalized 10-12

We can supply Organic Fairtrade cocoa powder Alkalized 10-12 in our Stock in Europe

Only serious and end buyers can contact us

Brokers are not allowed to contact us

Cocoa Powder

We can supply Neutral cocoa powder 8-10 and 10-12 from our own stock from Asia, Africa only very serious buyers can send a request no scammers and no brokers are not welcome

Welcome to visit us in our offices in Europe

Coffee Beans

We can supply coffee beans from farmers we have been dealing with for 15 years in Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala.
We can supply about 750 tons of coffee annually
We only deal with serious and honest requests from final buyers. Any middlemen are not welcome to send their order
Any serious buyer is welcome to meet us face to face at our office in Europe

Yellow Corn GMO And NON GMO

Our company has succeeded in supplying more than 150,000 tons of yellow corn to buyers in the Middle East during the past 5 years. We are ready to deal with any serious requests from the final buyer who proves that he has the funds to purchase
We do not deal with unwelcome intermediaries
Serious and end buyers are welcome to visit us in our offices in Europe


Fresh , Frozen Lamb

We can supply Fresh and Frozen Lamb meat from Europe , Australia by Air or Sea continers , Any serious order we are ready to start work for your order asap

Fresh , Frozen Beef

With many years of experience in supplying and exporting beef to restaurants and stores
We can supply fresh and frozen beef of the highest possible quality from Europe, South America, Australia, South Africa and India.
There are also halal and kosher certificates
Please contact us to discuss and work on your request

Fresh And Frozen Fish

Our company can supply fresh and frozen Fish and salmon from Asia, Africa, Europe , South America only we work with serious orders and end buyers, we are not able to answer to any brokers, scammers , any serious buyers are welcome to send us a request and welcome to visit us in our offices face to face

Frozen Mutton

We can supply frozen Mutton the origin ,Spain , Argentina , Australia
Brokers and time wasters are not welcome
Only serious buyers are ready to meet us

Frozen Seafood

We can supply Frozen Seafoods from Asia, Africa, Europe , just our company deal with serious order from end buyers No brokers , No scammers contact us
Welcome to visit us in our offices in Europe

Canned Tomato Sauce Pasta

We can supply Canned tomato sauce pasta from Spain, Italy, Turkey , Egypt , big quantities if you are interested pls let us know your order

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We can supply Extra Virgin olive oil from Spain per month 100,000 litter

Black Pepper

We can supply Black Pepper, Only serious buyers can send us a request
1) Varieties : 500, 550gl
Specification : Moisture 13.5%, Admixture 2%
Origin : Vietnam, Madagascar, Brazil, Sri Lanka
Packaging : 25/ 50 Kgs Jute Bags or PP Bags
Loadibility /FT 20 : 23 â?? 24 MT

2) Varieties: 450gl
Specification : Moisture 12% Max
Origin : Madagascar
Packaging : 50kg Jute Bags
Loadibility /FT 20 : 15MT 20


Our company supply all type of Pulses from Asia, Europe, Canada, with annual Production and export 40,000 to 50,000 tons
We are only work with serious orders and end buyers
Brokers, are NOT welcome to contact us
Serious buyers are so welcome to visit us in our offices in Europe


Our company can supply raisins of the highest quality from Iran and Uzbekistan

Our company exports and sells 5,500 tons of raisins annually

Only end buyers can send us an order

Canola Meal

We can supply Canola Meal Up 10,000 tons Only Serious Order and Serious end buyers are so welcome to send us a request

Soybean Meal

Our Company can supply Soybean Meal from EU, South America Only serious order with end buyers we can answer , Brokers Are not welcome

Sunflower Meal

Our company can supply Sunflower Meal Min order 300 tons If you are end buyers send us your order we will send you the offer

Brokers are NOT welcome

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil refunded from Spain packing 1 and 3, 5 litter
Only Serious orders and Serious buyers contact us
Brokers are not welcome to send us a request


We can supply Wheat from USA, CANADA , AUSTRALIA , RUSSIA , ROMANIA with good prices Min order 25,000 tons Only end buyers can contact us We do not work with brokers

Wheat Flour

Our company Can supply Wheat Flour from Europe up 100,000 tons , so only we work with the end buyers and serious orders
Brokers Are Not Welcome to send US a request

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