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Cardamom is considered one of the oldest spices in the world. Ceylon cardamom is known for its unique green colour and aroma and has attracted buyers from the world. Cardamom is offered to export to the local and export markets in the forms of whole cardamom, powder and oil


Cinnamon is a plant endemic to Sri Lanka and cinnamon trade has a very long history since 2000BC. It obtains by shaving the inner bark of the cinnamon plant.

You can use Cinnamon as pieces or powder and cinnamon oil, extracted from the leaf as a disinfectant and an air purifier

Cinnamon Sticks / Bales

CEYXPO exports Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sticks / Bales as per following specifications.

Types : H1 / H2 / C4 / C5 / Alba
Form : Sticks / bale form cut in to 5 / 21 / 42 inches or any other specific size as per buyer requirement


Chilies considered as one of the most popular spices in Sri Lanka. Most of the consumers around the world use this spice for at least for two meals a day, if not for all.
This is offered as green chilies and red chilies to the global market by Sri Lankan producers and in the form of powder too.

Cloves - Sun Dry

Processed to meet international standard by drying under the right level of sunlight in tropical parts of Sri Lanka

Cloves Oven Dry / Lal Pari

Pure Sri Lankan cloves dried in oven machine dry to the right temperature to produce right colour and aroma which carry export quality We also have specialized in handpicked and Lal Pari variants of high quality cloves


Coriander is a herb commonly used to flavor international cuisines. Almost every part of the plant are eatable, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the parts most traditionally used in cooking.
Sri Lankan produced coriander carries goodwill for its quality and freshness and has attracted many international consumers to this spice island.

Cinnamon Oil

Ceylon Cinnamon oil is produced from the bark and the leaf of the cinnamon tree. This process is known as steam distillation. Cinnamon bark oil carries a perfume-like aroma and is reddish-brown. In contrast, cinnamon leaf oil has a spicy and musky aroma. It is lighter in colour and brownish-yellow.


This spice is a food addictive and also considered as a medicine across the world. There is heavy demand for ginger production from beverage market for carbonated, food addictive drink production

Nut Meg / Mace

Sri Lankan grown seeds to meet International standards. Nutmeg and Mace are two separate spices and in fact the only tree in the world that produces two separate spices. From ancient times, Nutmeg is a spice which carries numerous culinary and exported from Sri Lanka in the form whole nutmeg, nutmeg oil, and ground nutmeg and mace

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a flowering plant grown in Sri Lankan tropical climate in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruit about 5 mm in diameter, dark red, and contains a stone which encloses a pepper seed.

White Pepper

Produced from the berries of the pepper plant by plucking them at the right stage to make the end product to meet export quality standards. With its ivory colour and unique aroma, Sri Lankan produced white pepper claims to have some exceptional spice quality in international market

Cinnamon Powder

Freshly grinded Cinnamon powder offered to world at large in high quality. Its unique aroma has attracted many buyers for Sri Lankan cinnamon powder from all corners of the world. Country produces cinnamon powder throughout the year in many variants and offered either in retail or mass quantities.

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