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Marcel Njie Tanyi

GOLD Member
Member From Turkey
Quality Alfafa Hay In Bales


Quick Details
Type : HAY
Variety : Alfalfa Hay
Use: Cattle, Horse
Admixture (%) : 1%max
Moisture (%) : 10% Max
Grade : Top Grade
Packaging : 25kg/bag
Place of Origin : Malaysia
feed : feed
We are one of the main suppliers of best quality grade A Animal Feed and we have different types of animal feeds in stock which are use to feed different types of animals like Bone Meal/Soybean Meal/Fish Meal/Sunflower Meal

We have the following feeds to feed the follow animals

-Cattle feed
-Chicken feed
-Fish Feed
-Horse Feed
-Pig feed


Beet Pulp
Blood Meal
Bone Meal
Fish Meal
Milk Powder
Peanut Powder
Salt Lick
Seaweed Powder
Sunflower Meal
Vegetable Powder
Corn gluten Meal
Millet Meal
Rice Brand
Wheat Brand
Alfalfa Hay
Grain Hay
Mixed Hay
Timothy Hay
Cotton sead meal
Rapeseed meal
Tea seed meal

Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063

Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063

Tin Ingots

Characterized with excellent weldability, good filtration, oxidation resistance, and low ionic contamination, our Tin Ingots are immensely appreciated by our global customers. We only source the Tin Ingots with 99.90% purity and that conforms to BS EN 610-1996 standard. Apart from that, we timely cater every order quoting nominal prices for the product. Lastly, we are the Tin Ingotâ??s Supplier and Exporter from Cuijk, The Netherlands.

Detail : (Tin Ingot 99.90 SN, Tin Ingot 99.95 SN, Tin Ingot 99.99 SN)

Highlights :

High purity (sn99.99 sn99.95 sn99.90)
Excellent weldability
Good infiltration
Clean, beautiful after welding
High resistance
Low ionic contamination
PCB board welding residual minimal
Good oxidation resistance
Low tin slag
Cost savings
Solder joint is bright, full and uniform
Economical and can produce the lowest consumption of the solid solder joints

Aluminum Ingots

Avail from us the purest quality of Aluminum Ingots at economical rates. We procure them from dependable manufacturers, who produce them by Molten Salt Electrolysis Method, using alumina and cryolite. Conforming to GBT1196-2002 Standard, these Aluminum Ingots are fast melting, durable and provides easy control and operations. Based in Cuijk, NL we are reckoned for exporting and supplying Aluminum Ingots worldwide.

Chemical Composition :

Al Weight : 25kg
Al (Min) : 92%-99.99%
Appearance : Silvery White

Applications :

Mainly used for melting ingot
Discontinuous melting with scrap
Used in automobile, pinning, and weaving, electron applications.

Antimony Ore

We maintain a large stock of high-quality Antimony Ore that is up for sale at competitive prices to the customers across the globe. Our offered Antimony Ore complies with the highest industry standards. We keep the different grades of Antimony Ore to meet the variegated needs. Also, they can be packaged as per customer's demand. We are the trusted Exporter and Supplier of Antimony Ores from Cuijk, The Netherlands

100% Natural Fresh Mexican Hass Avocado Avocados

We are We have 22 year experience in exporting AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS to many markets such as: Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Middle East.

As we know you are interested in this product and we are pleased to send you our offer for FRESH AVOCADO

Drained Lead Battery Scrap

Drained Lead Battery Scrap

Organic Natural Bees Wax

Third testing organization

Dried Betel Nut


Quick Details
Type : Betel Nut
Cultivation Type : Organic
Processing Type : Raw
Style : Dried
Packaging : 50-60kg/bag
Certification : ISO
Grade : A- Grade
Place of Origin : Hungary
Brand Name: BETEL NUT
Model Number : BETEL NUT
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
As per customer request
Port : HU
Lead Time : prompt

Place of Origin - India

Color - Natural Brown

Style - Dried

Grade - A

Guarantee - 80% , 85%. 85%, 90%, 90% , 95%, 99% Good-cut

Processing Type - Raw., Whole. Split (Half-cut) . Slice

Quality - Well dried. Clean. No moldy. Natural fragrance

Moisture Content - 5% Max

Whole Betel Nut :
- Moisture : 15% max
- Impurity : 3% max
- Packing : 60kg/jute bag, 18mt/1x20ft'
Split Betel Nut :
- Moisture : 13% max
- Impurity : 1% max
- Packing : 60kg/jute bag , 16mt/1x20ft'
Slice Betel Nut :
- Moisture : 13% max

Betel Nuts

>=1 Metric Tons

Brazil Nuts Wholesale

>=1 Kilograms

Wood Pellets

We have just produced a whole new batch of wood pellets using Only Canadian Pine Wood. This Is Highest Quality Grade that we supply world wide and Europe(ENplus-A1 Standard).


Ash Content : 0.6-0.65% (VERY VERY LOW!)
Moisture : 8.5%
Net Calorific : 4,290 kcal/KG
Diameters : 8mm (6mm also available on specified request)

Grade A Unsalted Butter And Salt Butter 82%

item -value
Product Type - Butter
Type - Cream Butter
Variety - Unsalted
Processing Type - Sterilized
Form - Solid
Texture - Semi-Hard
Fat Content (%) - 82
Certification - HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL
Place of Origin - Netherlands
Packaging - Bag, Box, Bulk, Sachet, Vacuum Pack
Shelf Life - 24 months
Weight (kg ) - 25 kg
Brand Name - PREMIUM
Model Number - ISO 9001:2001
Commodity - Unsalted Butter 82%
Color - White, milky white, milk-yellow
Butter Fat - 82% Fat
Moisture - 15% Min
PH - 5.8 Min
FFA - 1.2 Max
Yeast and Mould - 10.0 Max
Coli and Salmolella - Absent
Organization state - Uniform,no mildew and impurities
Taste and odour - Good taste and smell

Cashew Nuts

Replace your mid-day snacks with our delicately-flavored Cashew Nuts, which are enriched with fiber and nutrients. We process these Cashew Nuts using state-of-the-art technology under controlled temperatures. This way we add value whilst maintain the original properties. We offer different quantity packaging of Cashew Nuts at reasonable price across the world on timely basis. Lastly, we are the Cashew Nuts Exporter and Supplier from Cuijk (The Netherlands).

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

>=1 Metric Tons

NBR Liquid Rubber Nitrile Butadiene Latex

Butadiene-Acrylonitrile latex is a kind of high-polymer dispersion emulsion polymerzied by butadiene, propenyl,in freeradical emlusion through advanced techniques. As a white thick emulsion in appearance, it is of good
stability, thickening, quick film forming and strong adhesion to liner or under cloth, and color adaptability, etc. it is applied
to make gloves with liner and cloth with coating.

It is suitable for the dipping of gloves with liner.

Plastic drum (200kg/drum); IBC drum (1000kg/drum); Flexible Tank/ISO Tank (20000kg/Tank)

Avoid from impact, rain, snow or strong sunlight. Temperature:1~40

Keep in dry, cool, non-aggressive gas warehouse, and avoid strong sunlight, frozen, remote from fire and thermal resource, best
storing temperature 5~35, 6 months shelf life in good condition.

Carboxyl NBR Latex
Solid Content, % - 44+-2.0
Viscosity, mpa.S - 10-90
PH Value (25) - 7.5-9.5
Surface Tension(mN/m) - 10-90

Chia Seeds

24 months in adequate storage conditions (hermetically sealed , in a cool and dry place)

Nutrition Facts : Chia Seeds

Amount Per 100 Grams

Calories - 486

% Daily value*

Total Fat - 31g

Saturated fat - 3.3g

Polysaturated fat - 24g

Monosaturated fat - 2.3g

Trans fat - 0.1g

Cholestrol - 0%

Sodium - 16mg

*Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs

Well Sorted and Packed Chicken Table Eggs

Quick Details
Product Type : Egg
Variety: Hatching Egg
Origin : Chicken
Style : Cooked, Fresh, FROZEN, PRESERVED, Other
Part : YOLK
Certification : HACCP
Shelf Life : 6 Months
Brand Name : Fresh Chicken Eggs
Model Number : Best-egg
Place of Origin : Malaysia
egg : egg
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : TRAY
Lead Time : prompt
Product Description : fresh white and brown eggs
color : white & brown
size : small, medium, large ,extra large
weight : ranging from 45gms

we trade in fresh farm table eggs of various sizes;

fresh white and brown eggs

color : white & brown

size : small, medium, large.extra large

weight : ranging from 45gms to 60gms.

graded according to client's specifications

packing :30 eggs are packed in each chemically treated paper pulp tray.

12 such trays are packed in each 5 ply export worthy printed cartons

every carton is labeled with brand name and specification, production and expiry dates& country of origin

eggs can be printed with production, expiry dates,and country of origin. food grade ink approved by fda is used for printing on eggs.

shipment : 20' & 40' high cube reefer containers

temperature maintained at +2 to +5 deg centigrade

1312 cartons can be packed in 40' reefer container (472, 320 eggs)

White Chickpeas

We are chickpea producer and supplier with abundant experience our company engaged in many agricultural products and we stand outstanding when it comes to a timely and healthy supply.We can supply chickpeas all year round and all new crop harvest, top export quality standards.

Packing : 25kg or 50kg pp woven bags or as buyerâ??s requirement

MOQ : 2*20' FCL

Keywords :

Chick peas
Chickpeas bulk
Chickpeas price


Moisture - 15%
Admixture - 1% Max
Imperfect - 3% Max
Size - 8-10mm, 9-11mm, 11-13mm


Quick Details
Product Type : Chickpeas
Type : Kabuli
Style : Dried
Drying Process : AD
Cultivation Type : COMMON
Packaging : Bulk
Maturity : 100%
Size : 7
Weight (kg) : 50
Shelf Life : 2 Years
Place of Origin : Hungary

Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : bags
Port : Budapest (Port of Csepel)
Lead Time : 5 Chick Peas

This cream-colored pulse is part of the legume family. Chickpeas are
consumed for their appetite filling, high fibre content, proteins and
unique taste. Chick peas are very good source of carbohydrates and
proteins, which altogether constitute about 80% of the total dry seed
weight. Starch, which is the principal carbohydrate component, varies
in content from 41 - 50%. Total seed carbohydrates vary from 52 - 71%.
The crude protein content of chick peas varieties ranges from 16 -
24%. Crude fiber, an important constituent of chick peas is mostly
located within the seed coat.

Foreign Matter : 0.2% Max
Under Size Seed : 1% Max
Badly Damaged Beans : 1
Split Seed : 0.5%

Chickpeas / Garbanzo / Pois Chiche - Kabuli

>=1 Kilograms

Quick Details
Product Type : Chickpeas
Type : Other
Style : Dried
Drying Process : AD
Cultivation Type : Organic
Packaging : Bulk, Can (Tinned), Gift Packing, Mason Jar, Tank, Vacuum Pack, Other
Place of Origin : Turkey
dried : dried
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : PP BAGS
Lead Time : prompt
Chick Peas

This cream-colored pulse is part of the legume family. Chickpeas are
consumed for their appetite filling, high fibre content, proteins and
unique taste. Chick peas are very good source of carbohydrates and
proteins, which altogether constitute about 80% of the total dry seed
weight. Starch, which is the principal carbohydrate component, varies
in content from 41 - 50%. Total seed carbohydrates vary from 52 - 71%.
The crude protein content of chick peas varieties ranges from 16 -
24%. Crude fiber, an important constituent of chick peas is mostly
located within the seed coat.

Foreign Matter : 0.2% Max
Under Size Seed : 1% Max
Badly Damaged Beans : 1
Split Seed : 0.5%

Nutellas Chocolate 1KG, 2kg, 750g

High GradeNutella 3kg, 750g / Wholesale Nutella Ferrero Chocolate for sale


we are well experienced trading company for years now with direct links with manufacturers of various brands of products . We are dealing with a variety of FMCG products and continually strive to supply high quality products to our clients.

we are looking for serious customers to maintain long and good business relation with their company so we do offer at very affortdable price.

Ferrero Nutella Chocolate Spread in jars 350g, 400g, 600g, 750,800gr, 1kg and 5kg., We offer Ferrero products such Nutella Chocolate Cream in various.

Weight : 230g,350g,400g,600g , 800g , 850g , 1Kg and others

We supply Ferrero Nutella Chocolate;

Product Name - Nutella

Weight - 350g

Brand - Ferrero

Origin - FRANCE

Available Text - Eng, Arabic

Carton Packing - 350g X 15 Pcs

Per Carton - 15 Pcs

Per Pallet - 99 Cartons

Moq - 11 Pallets

40' Fcl Hq'

33 Pallets

Loading Time - 3-27 Days

We do mix loadings in containers on behalf of our clients and as per their orders, we consolidate the orders and ship worldwide professionally with the Export documentation and compliance support.

Note that we do offer the labels in different languages, English,Dutch/German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish,Russian and per request from many other languanges not mentioned.

Dried Spices Clove

>=1 Tons $1.00

Coal Tar (High Quality Certified)

$180.00 - $210.00/ Ton

5 Kg Blocks Coco Peat

>=1 Tons

Compressor Scrap

Compressor Scrap

Compressor Scrap

Compressor Scrap

RAM Scrap

Products Status: Stock
Application: Server, Ram Memory
Type: DDR4, DDR4
Function: REG ECC
Frequency: 2400mhz, 2400mhz
Brand Name: hp
Model Number: 805351-B21, 805351-B21
Products status : Stock

Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units: Bulk
Single package size: 13X3X0.2 cm
Single gross weight: 0.200 kg
Lead Time :
Quantity(Pieces) 1 100 >100
Est. Time(days) 2 To be negotiated

Product Description
am scrap computer ddr4 32gb 805351-B21 for hp 2Rx4 RDIMM 1.2V AE

Products Status : Stock

Application : Server memory

Condition : Brand new

Memory Capacity : 32GB

Type : DDR4

Function : REG ECC

Model Number : 805351-B21

Tech Specs : 32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 RDIMM 1.2V

Frequency : 2400MHZ

Place of Origin : Guangdong , China

Packaging & Shipping
1. Package: 100% Origial HP cartons or as you required.
2. Shipping: TNT, DHL, UPS,FEDEX, ARAMEX etc

Our Services
1 Warranty: 3 year warranty for year for spare parts.
2.Payment tems: T/T, Bank, Western Union, PayPal, Escrow,Crypto etc.
3.Original new,cheapest shipping cost,large quantities in stock.

4. 7 days no reason back goods

5. Sign legal contract to insure your money safe

CPU Scrap Computer

Type: Dual-Core
Processor Type: INTEL Pentium
Certification : FCC, CSA
64-Bit Support: Yes
L3 Cache Capacity: 6 MB
Chip Process : 32 nanometers
CPU Frequency : 600MHz
Virtualization Technology Support : yes
Products Status : Used, Refurbished
Application : Desktop
Processor Brand : Intel
L2 Cache : 8MB
Socket Type : Socket 478
Brand Name : intel pentium
Place of Origin : Thailand
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Unit/Units per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Port : Bangkok Port
Lead Time : Quantity(Units) 1 50 >50
Est. Time(days) 4 To be negotiated
We Have Very High Yield Gold Recovery Cpu Ceramic Processor Scraps And Computer Motherboard Scraps For Sale

We can supply cpu ceramic processor scraps

Intel 186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i860 / i960
Cyrix 486 / 586 / MIIIBM 486 / 586 / 686
Motorola 68000 / 88000 series
NEC Toshiba MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000

We can supply on monthly basis around 10-50 tons per month of Ceramic cpu scrap for gold recovery and scrap motherboards and lan cards.

Specification and use:

Usage: For electrical industries
Suitable to manufacture numerous electrical components, cables, cans, etc
1.Motherboard And other Computer Scrap
2.Untested condition
3.For recycling
4.Stock available
PS / ABS bales scrap-waste from electric and electronic devices (TV SHELL-CASE, COMPUTERS etc.)

We can sell you you the following scrap:

Computer Mother Boards
Computer Finger Boards
Computer Memory
Computer Processors
Computer Power Supplies
Computer Hard Disks
Computer Floppy Drives
Computer CD Rom
Computer Cases
Computer Wires
Computer Keypads
Computer Mouse
Computer UPS or Lead batteries from UPS
Cell Phone Handsets
Cell Phone PCB Boards
Cell Phone Batteries Lithium
Cell Phone Batteries Nickel
Cell Phone LCDs
Cell Phone Housings
Cell Phone Chargers

Copper Cathode Sheets

The Copper Cathode Sheets offered by us are in strict compliance to the SGS & BV standards. They offer 99.99% purity and are exceptional in quality. These are sourced from the reputed vendors of the industry. Further, our skilled team inspects them properly before finally dispatching them to the clients. Based in Cuijk (The Netherlands), we supply and export Copper Cathode Sheets to global destinations at industry leading prices.

Specifications :

Dimensions : 914mm x 914mm x 12mm
Weight Per Sheet : 105kg
Net Weight Per Pallet : 2mt approx min,
Weight in each container : 20mt approx
Gross Weight of each container : 22.2mt approx
Packaging : Palletized, Aluminum Bands

Copper Millberry Scrap

Copper Millberry Scrap

Copper Millberry Wire Scrap

Copper Millberry Wire Scrap

Yellow Corn Seeds

Our company is a prominent Supplier and Exporter of Yellow Corn Seeds based in Cuijk. We are associated with trusted farmers who provide us with finest quality Yellow Corn Seeds. The tender and juicy Yellow Corn Seeds we provide is preserved in large warehouse which is monitored all the time to eliminate any chance of contaminants seeping in. Clients from various countries can order bulk quantities of Yellow Corn Seeds as per their requirement

Supreme Quality Yellow Corn

Supreme Quality Yellow Corn exclusively for Human consumption/Top Quality Dry Maize/Dry Yellow Corn

Quick Details
Type : Corn
Glutinous : Non-Glutinous
Style : Dried
Cultivation Type : COMMON
Color : Yellow
Maturity : 100% Mature Corn
Certification : ISO
Weight (kg) : 25
Drying Process : AD
Place of Origin : Hungary
Brand Name : Yellow Maize
Model Number : Corn Kernels
white, yellow : yellow
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : As per Customer Request
Port : HU
Lead Time: Prompt
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : As per Customer Request
Delivery Time : 10 days
Specification Commodity : Yellow maize specifications:
Protein - 8 to 9%
Moisture - 13%
Max Admixture - 2.5%
Heat damaged kernals - 0.5% max
Broken kernals - 3.0% max
Total damaged kernals - 3.5%
Hectoliter - 68kc min
Weight/ Bushel - 54 lbs/bu min
Radiation - None
Aflatoxin - 20ppb max
Crop - Recent.
Packing - 50kg packing

High Purity Refined Corn Oil

High Purity Refined Corn Oil / Refined 100% Pure Corn Oil

Quick Details
Type : Corn Oil
Processing Type : Refined
Color : Clear
Packaging : Plastic Bottle
Purity (%) : 100
Volume (L) : 5
Grade : Premium Grade
Refined Type : Fractionated Oil
Place of Origin : Hungary
Use : Cooking
Cultivation Type:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : 12 x 1 lit glass bottle - 12 x 1 lit PET bottle - 04 x 5 lit PET bottle or any type of packagin on request. Flexi tank also available.
Port : Port Csepel
Lead Time : 5
We offer Crude as well as Refined corn oil in bulk. Crude corn oil is a vegetable oil that still needs to be refined, while refined oil is ready for consumption. Corn oil is also known as maize oil.

For more information please see the product specifications below or fill in the contact form for any other questions or inquiries.

To request a quote, please fill in the contact form.

Moisture and impurities < 0,05%
Free fatty acids 3,0%
Refraction Index 0,4719 - 1,4740 at 25 C
Iodine Value 120 - 144
Saponification number 187/192
Peroxide 2,0 micromole/kg
Flash Point 121 C
Specific Gravity at 25 C 0,915 - 0,922
Refractive Index at 25 C 1,47 - 1,474
Iodine Number 103 - 128
Free Fatty Acid < 0,1%
Moisture 0,0% Max
Appearance Clear and Bright
Odor and Flavour Odorless and Bland

Super Grade Baking Powder

>=1 Metric Tons

Quick Details
CAS No.: 9004-32-4
Other Names : Sodium Saccharin
MF : C102H151O39N31
EINECS No. : 204-886-1
FEMA No. : 3025
Place of Origin : Hungary
Type : Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Chewing Gum Bases, Colorants, Emulsifiers, Enzyme Preparations, Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, Preservatives, Stabilizers, Sweeteners, THICKENERS

Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : Packed in 5kg*2bag/carton
Port : Port Csepel
Lead Time : 5
High Quality Baking Powder

Cumin Seeds

We are regarded as a trusted Supplier and Exporter of Cumin Seeds from Cuijk. We are engaged in offering high quality Cumin Seeds that have been sourced from reliable agriculturists, that do not use harmful chemicals. Our product is widely preferred in various countries because of their aroma and flavorful taste. Customers can rely on us for delivering small or large quantities of Cumin Seeds within the promised time

Dairy Products

Our prime concern is to fulfill variegated requirements of the clients, all the time. And, to achieve this objective, we have installed a capacious warehouse. We stringently follow the safety packaging guidelines, thus we are flexible enough in delivering the products to the clients. We only use the finest packaging material to evade loss during transit.

Range :

Cheddar Cheese
Dairy others
UHT milk
Plain milk
Soy milk
Flavoured milk
Banana flavoured milk
Chocolate flavoured milk
Vanilla flavoured milk
Strawberry flavoured milk
Peach Mango flavoured milk
Pineapple flavoured milk

Biodiesel Oil

Biodiesel Oil

BS EN590 Diesel, D6 Diesel Fuel, D6 Price

Quick Details
Application : Power Generation
Density : Kg/m3
Grade : Premium, Top Grade
Ash Content (%) : 62
Moisture (%) : 85
D2 or Not : Not D2
Flash Point : 75.6
Freezing Point : 118
Place of Origin: Russia
Brand Name : OEM
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 100000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Port : LU

Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil (UCO) used edible vegetable oil, which is produced as kitchen waste in restaurants, catering establishments and households. It can be used as raw material for the production of waste-based biodiesel, known as UCOME.

Used Yamaha 150HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor

Model Name: DF250
Configuration: T, TZ
Horsepower: 250
Shaft Length (Inches): X (25), XX (30)
Weight (Lbs): X (580), XX (591)
Cylinders: V-6 (55�°)
Valves Per Cylinder: DOHC 4 Valves Per Cyl.
Valve Train Drive: Self adjusting oil bathed chain with variable valve timing
Displacement: 220.5 cu. in. (3614 cc)
Bore and Stroke (Inches/mm): 3.74 x 3.35 in. (95 x 85 mm)
Operating Range (RPM): 5500 - 6100
Induction System: EFI - Multi Stage Induction
Starting System: Electric Start w/Suzuki EFI
Lubrication: Wet sump
Oil Tank Capacity: 8.7 qt. (8.2 lit.)
Ignition: Direct Ignition
Alternator: 12V 54A
Trim Type: Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.29:1
CARB Emissions Rating: 3-Star Ultra Low
Standard Propeller (Blades x Dia. x Pitches (Ins.)): Optional - See Dealer
Counter Rotation: Available
Range of Avail. Optional Propeller Pitches: 17 - 27.5
Steering: Remote
Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
Dual Throttle Bodies
Counter Rotation Available
54 Amp Charging Alternator
Idle Air Control
Most Compact with an Exclusive 55�° V-Block
Oil-Bathed Timing Chain
30" Shaft Available
Swings a 16" Diameter Prop
Offset Drive Shaft
Continuously Variable Valve Timing
Lightweight / Large Displacement
Suzuki Start System
H-D Lower Unit and Gear Set
Direct Ignition
Largest Gear Reduction
EZ Oil Drain Plug
Multi Stage Air Induction
On-Board Computer Diagnostics
CARB Rating: 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission
Air Cooled H.O. Alternator Water-Cooled Reg./Rec
Two Stage Cam Drive Gear Reduction
32 Bit Computer
Tilt Limit Switch
3 + 3 Protection available option

Scraps/mobile Electronics


Place of Origin - Netherlands
Brand Name - Mobile Scrap
Model Number - Quad+Quad Core
Product Name - Mobile Cell Phone Scrap
Material All Bran ds of Mobile Phones
Type #1mCell Phone PCB Boards
Type #2,Cell Phone Batteries Lithium
Type #3,Cell Phone Batteries Nickel
Color,Black, Multicolor
Purpose Gold Vintage
Weight 3g, 4g, 5g
Quality Clean

Electronics Scrap /Electronic Mobile phone Scrap and Computer Ram Scrap/Ceramic Computer CPU Scrap

Old computers, Television, Washing machine, Iron, heater, fridge, Purifier, Setup box, speakers, laptops, fan, Ac etc

We can supply cpu ceramic processor scraps

Intel 186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i860 / i960
Cyrix 486 / 586 / MIIIBM 486 / 586 / 686
Motorola 68000 / 88000 series
NEC Toshiba MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000
In order to retain our goodwill in this industry, we are providing a latest array of Electronic Scrap.

Feature phone scrap

4G mobile phone scrap
AMD 486 & 586 Cpu, ,Gold Top Cpu
Cellular phone scrap, GSM mobile phone scrap
CDMA mobile phone scrap, Intel I960 & Motorola Cpu
Intel 486 & 386 Cpu, Gold Top & Bottom Cpu,
Intel Pentium Pro Cpu, 3G mobile phone scrap
DLP Cpu ,2G mobile phone scrap,
Intel Pentium 1, Cell Phone PCB Boards
Cell Phone Batteries Lithium

SIF-Approved Grade  A Frozen Bulk Chicken Feet

General Product Appearance:

No yellow skin
No feathers
No bad smell
No blood
No black pad
No bruise
No chemical burns
Broken bones less than 1%
Moisture less than 1%
No black spot
Frozen Requirement :
Blast Frozen at -40o C
Stocked at -18o C

5 Kg. polybag/4 per carton
20 Kg. 1,350 cartons/container
10 Kg. polybag/2 per carton
20 Kg. 1,350 cartons/container
20 Kg. polybag/1 per carton
20 Kg. 1,350 cartons/container

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 3 oz (85g)
Calories 130 Calories from Fat 36 (27.7%)
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 4g -
Saturated fat 1g -
Cholesterol 75mg -
Sodium 60mg 3%
Carbohydrates 0g -
Net carbs 0g -
Fiber 0g 0%
Protein 23g
Vitamins and minerals
Vitamin A 0�¼g 0%
Vitamin C 0mg 0%
Calcium 20mg 2%
Iron 0.6mg 9%
Fatty acids
Amino acids

Fresh Fruits

We are equipped with the upgraded machines and technology, thus, we are capable of making stern packaging of products. To keep the product safe from external factors, we make use of finest packaging material. We are immensely recognized for delivering the orders within the stipulated time frame and at desired Location.






Forest fruit





Mixed fruit

Fresh Quince For Sale

>=1 Kilograms

Fresh Cantaloupe Melon for sale

>=1 Kilograms

Quick Details
Type : Honeydew
Cultivation Type : COMMON
Maturity : 100%
Size (cm) : 25-50
Grade : Grade AAA
Certification : HACCP
Place of Origin : Malaysia
Model Number : Netted Melon
Cantaloupe Melon : Cantaloupe Melon
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : bags
Lead Time : propmt
Fresh Fruits

1. Origin : Hungary
2. Fruits : New Harvest
3. MOQ: 1x20 FCL (14MTS)

4. Specifications & Size:
Size :As per customer requirement
Please kindly contact us to request specification

All sizes available
High Quality, Good for Health

5. International Certificates
Phytosanitary Certificate issued by CIQ
Quality Certificate issued by CIQ
Certificate of Origin
And other certificates you request

Premium Grade Dried Prunes For Sale

>=1 Tons

Fresh Halal Frozen Mutton Meat

>=3 Kilograms $5.00

Dried Mullet Roe (bottarga)

>=1 Kilograms $1.00

Dry Morel Morchella Mushroom


Morel with Tails, 2-6 cm, stem< 2cm in length with 8-10% moisture with
5-7% minis, 100% wild, best in the world.

Also available without stem
Our Product Specification :

High quality & purity %99.5

Origin: Nepal

Crop 2015

Free of mold, insects and infections

Rate of foreign matter (all like stone, sand, plastic etc): %0.01 max


Insect damage / holes / Weevil Damage (for Seeds): %0

Damaged / Broken rate (for Seeds): %2

Potato Products

With the assistance of our excellent logistics facility, we are able to deliver the orders within the postulated time frame. We have adopted modern work methods that aid us completely in maintaining records and give us alerts time-to-time when any products goes short in the shelf.


French fries

Shoestring fries

Steakhouse fries

Straight cut fries

Crinkle cut fries

Potato Specialties

Potato wedges

Potato slices

Potato noisettes

Potato croquettes

Potato bravas

Potato Duchesses

Diced potatoes

Onion rings

Fresh Vegetables

We have automated warehousing system to keep pace with the latest trends and to meet the clients requirements. Our professionals make certain that the products are kept safely. Using premium packaging materials, we secure our products properly for transportation and label it properly to provide information such as address of manufacturer/distributors, MRP, quantity, etc.


Spring Rolls




Green peas

Green beans

Corn kernels



Mixed vegetables



Frozen Chicken Feet & Paws

Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 500 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : 20 kg box.
Lead Time : 10 Days
Packaging & Delivery : P Packaging Details As per specification.
Delivery Time 7 days

Quality : GRADE
Average weight : 35-55 grams/piece (Chicken Feet)

Average weight : 30-45 grams/piece (Chicken Paws)

Average length : 12-15 cm (Chicken Feet)

Average length : 7-8 cm (Chicken Paws)
-Well washed and well cleaned

-No feathers

-No bad smell

-No blood stains

-No black pad

-Broken bone less than 2%

-Moisture less than 1%

-Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

Frozen Chicken Wings 3 joint

Chicken 3 Joint Wings / Frozen Chicken Wings 3 joint Grade A

We offer accurate services, specified quality, clean packaging with delivery on time. - Factory produce, clean packaging, caution loading of goods into the transportation vessel, save transportation of goods to the shipping site.

Our whole frozen chicken are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic (HALAL) and international requirements.

All shipments of our products to the ports of delivery are quality inspected with a complete custom approval policy for all goods on board insured and covered with an insurance policy.

No Feathers
No Bad Smell
No Blood
No Black Pad
No Bruise
No Chemical Burns

Broken Bones Less than 3%
Moisture Less than 1%
Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

Halal Frozen Chicken Paws

General Product Appearance:

No yellow skin
No feathers
No bad smell
No blood
No black pad
No bruise
No chemical burns
Broken bones less than 1%
Moisture less than 1%
No black spot
Frozen Requirement :
Blast Frozen at -40o C
Stocked at -18o C

5 Kg. polybag/4 per carton
20 Kg. 1,350 cartons/container
10 Kg. polybag/2 per carton
20 Kg. 1,350 cartons/container
20 Kg. polybag/1 per carton
20 Kg. 1,350 cartons/container

Frozen King Crabs

Fresh/Frozen/Live Red King Crabs, Soft Shell Crabs, Blue Swimming Crabs & Snow Crabs for Sale

1. Origin : Norway
2. Type : Live
3. Mortality : Less than 5 %
4. Packing : 12kg per 30kg styrofoam box
5. Size : 2.0 ~ 2.5kg, 2.5 ~ 3.0kg, 3.0kg ~ 5kg, 5kg up
6. Delivery time : within a week after payment
7. Delivery by : Air only

Our King Crab has 90% meat content with less than 5% mortality always.
We promise the supply the best Live King Crab(RED).
Sizes of crabs: 500-700gr / 700-1kg
Also available LIVE Mud Crabs : â?? Green / Black/ Brown colours.
Packing : 15 kilos net.Sizes of crabs: 500-700gr / 700-1kg
Also available LIVE Mud Crabs : â?? Green / Black/ Brown colours.
Packing : 15 kilos net.Sizes of crabs: 500-700gr / 700-1kg
Also available LIVE Mud Crabs : â?? Green / Black/ Brown colours.
Packing : 15 kilos net.
Sizes of crabs: 500-700gr / 700-1kg
Also available LIVE Mud Crabs : â?? Green / Black/ Brown colours.
Packing : 15 kilos net.

Product name Blue Swimming Crab
Key word Crab
Specification Cut Crab
Portunus Sanguinolentus
Size 6-10/11-15/16-20 pcs/2lb
Processing Wild caught, half cut, cleaned
N.W. 70%N.W. 30%Glazing
( According to clientâ??s requirements)
Packing 2lb printed box
( According to clientâ??s requirements )
Packaging & Shipping
12kg per 30kg styrofoam box

Our Services
We offer after sales service for our client such as OEM service, logo printing, labeling and branding, packing and we ensure safe delivery and transportation to buyer port of discharge ot place of delivery.

We render third party inspection before shipment so as to ensure product conformity and up to standards and we assit our buyer in custom clearance and If your markets have any special requirements, please let us know so we can help you with the neccessary documents.

King Crab Legs Live Red Kind Crabs

For the past years our company has been working so hard to supply our customers with nothing than the best of king crab. We work with thousands of farmers in the fishing industry to provide you with our king crab which is the best

We are one of the highest suppliers of red king crab worldwide with more than 20 years of experience.

Check out our descriptions

We supply quality live red king crabs, frozen red king crab legs for human consumption.

- product name: live red king crab (paralithodes camtschatica)
- size available: typically 0. 5 to
- product name: live red king crab (paralithodes camtschatica)
- size available: typically 0. 5 to 3. 0kg apiece

1kg - 5kg
- meat fill: 80% or higher year round
- origin: Alaska - USA- Russia - Norway
- packing for shipment: 14kg in a styrofoam box with ice-packs as coolant
- mortality: expected to be 2% lower dead on arrival
- price: offering at request
The very life of our business depends on giving absolute satisfaction as to prices, quality, promptness, safe delivery, close attention to details, and the fair treatment of every customer. So we guarantee you satisfaction.

Contact us for more information regarding our company and your product of interest

Thanks for your business with us

Frozen Meat

For ensuring safety of the products during handling, warehousing and transportation, we make use of quality packing material. Moreover, the task of packaging is undertaken by the experts. Buyers can stay rest assured for the delivery of the orders as we are backed by the most sophisticated transit system.



Beef forequarter

Beef striploin

Beef flank

Beef hindquarter

Beef shin shank

Beef offals


Veal feet

Veal tripes

Veal head meat


Goat 6 way cut

Goat cubes


Chicken breast fillets

Chicken legs

Chicken offals

Chicken wings

Whole chicken

Further Processed Chicken Products


Hen breast fillets

Hen legs

Hen offals

Hen wings

Whole hen


Turkey breast fillets

Turkey legs

Turkey offals

Turkey wings

Whole turkey


Duck breast fillets

Duck legs

Duck offals

Duck wings

Whole duck

Pork Meat

Frozen Seafood

Our effective and excellent quality analysis helps us in delivering the best in class range of products. As a promising name, we bring forth a quality-centralized range of products that are designed and produced using the high quality raw material. We check the material on several counts prior to procurement.



King Crab

Yellow Tail





Horse Mackerel



Red porgy








Alaska Pollack



Green shell mussel


Frozen Prawns And Shrimp

Product Name
White Prawn HOSO Block
Processing Type
Head-On Shell-ON (HOSO)
Certification HALAL
Shelf Life 12 months
Variety 21/25, 26/30, 31/40, 41/50, 51/60
Place of Origin Thailand
Logistic Mode
Ocean shipping, Air transportation

Frozen Shrimp

Product Description
Products Name
Argentine Red Shrimp
wild frozen red shrimp
Shelf Life
24 months under 18 degrees below zero.
Scientific Name: Pleoticus Muelleri
Fishing Area: Southwest Atlantic Ocean. Zone FAO n�° 41 (Origin Argentina).
Packing: 6 cartons per 2 kg net each.
Brand: Newsan Food
Ingredients: Argentine Red Shrimps (Pleoticus Muelleri) crustaceans, Antioxidant: Sodium metabisulphite (sulphites), (N�° CEE: E 223; N�° USA: INS 223)
HOSO (Head-on, Shell-on)
Size: L1 (10/20 pieces per kilogram)
L2 (21/30 pieces per kilogram)
HLSO (Headless, Shell-on)
L3 (31/40 pieces per kilogram)
Size: C1 (30/50 pieces per kilogram)
CMIX (30/70 pieces per kilogram)

Disposable Bic Gas Lighter J25 J26

Specification & Data
Specification & Data
Product Name - Original BIC Lighter
Type - Disposable/ Refillable
Shape - Stick
Size - J5 / J6 / J23 / J25 / J26
Color - Multi-color
Dimension - 76.7mm*21.9mm*10.8mm
Material - ABS & AS, Plastic, Steel and Metal
Rate of Leaking - Less Than 0.3%
Rate of Inflaming - Over 98%
Resit Water - 55 C

Teff Grains / Teff Flour

>=1 Metric Tons

Quick Details
Type : Other
Style : Dried
Cultivation Type : COMMON
Drying Process : AD
Certification : ISO
Place of Origin : Hungary
Model Number : 00701
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : bags
Port : Budapest (Port of Csepel)
Lead Time : 5
Teff Seeds

Teff has excellent qualities and nutritional values, and being a
supplier of teff, we strive to make this difficult grain a commercial
reality for suppliers and users around the world, especially those
catering to the gluten free market.

Whole Grain Teff is highly nutritious. The distinctive and light
flavor is a simple way to add fiber and variety to your diet.

A very versatile flour with a mild, nutty and slightly sweet flavour.
Delicious in pancakes, pastries, or as a thickener in soups and


Teff Grains

This grain can be used as a hot breakfast cereal, a seasoned side dish
or as an ingredient in soups and stews. Teff grain is the smallest
grain in the world, and full of vitamins and nutrients like protein,
fiber, iron and calcium. It is mild and has a nutty taste. This grain
can be used as a hot breakfast cereal, a seasoned side dish or as an
ingredient in soups and stews. each case consists of twenty five

colour: brown and white
taste: typical teff seed
apprearance: small round seeds
humidity: 11.4% max
purity: 99.9% min
gluten free: < 20ppm

Large Green Cardamom 8 MM

Product Type
Single Herbs & Spices
Processing Type
Place of Origin
Tamil Nadu
Brand Name
Product Name
Green Cardamom Size
Excellent Flavor
Dry Cardamom
Company Profile

Man Laptop Hand Bag

99 Pieces - $10.00
100 - 499 Pieces - $9.00
500 - 999 Pieces - $8.50
>=1000 Pieces - $8.00
:Samples : $10.00/Piece | 1 Piece (Min. Order) | Buy Samples
Customization :
Customized packaging(Min. Order: 100 Pieces)
Graphic customization(Min. Order: 1 Pieces)

Isolate 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder

Product Specification
Physical Characteristics
Light yellow powder
PROTEIN (Dried basis, %)
â?¥ 80%
Loss on Drying
Mesh Size
100% through 80mesh size
20-80% Whey Protein
Solvents Residue
Meet Eur.Ph6.0<5.4>
Pesticides Residue
Meet USP32<561>
Microbiological Tests
Total of bacteria
Total Yeast & Mold

HMS 1 and 2 Scrap

HMS 1 and 2 Scrap

Fresh Organic Raw Honey

Royal jelly is comprised of water, carbs, protein and fat .
The full chemical makeup of royal jelly is unknown, but its positive effects on health are thought to stem from its unique proteins and fatty acids (1, 2).

These include nine glycoproteins collectively known as major royal jelly proteins (MRJPs) and two fatty acids, trans-10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid and 10-Hydroxydecanoic acid.

Royal jelly also contains several B vitamins and trace minerals.

However, nutrient composition varies considerably between sources of royal jelly.

What is comb honey?

Comb Honey is the most natural form of honey. It is honey sealed by the bees in the wax honey comb in the hive and harvested and sold in the wax cells rather than being extracted and processed.

Honeybees produce honeycomb in their hives. The wax that makes up honeycomb contains very-long-chain fatty acids, along with long-chain alcohols, or esters. The honey stored within the honeycomb is the purest, rawest form of honey, and the wax the honeycomb is made of has nutritional value and health benefits.Comb Honey is a gourmet product full of natural flavours and aromas, and the edible wax has a unique and wonderful texture.The alcohols found in honeycomb appear to have antioxidant effects that help protect your liver. The fatty alcohols that honeycomb is made of appear to significantly lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Clinical data in one study showed honeycomb fatty acids and alcohols lowered low-density lipoprotein by 21 to 29 percent.

IMAHERB BIOTECH is one of the professional and credible top quality Nutrition Supplement Pharm grade Organic Bee Honey for sale manufacturers, who is dedicated to produce the top quality organic products which is of great benefits to customers. If you want to know how to buy such products, welcome to contact us and we will offer you the best price.-

Product name: OEM Custom formulation Royal jelly/Honey liquid powder capsule
The min order quantity:100g/bottle 200/bottle 500g/bottle
Specification: pure Royal jelly or Royal jelly powder/Honey liquid powder capsule
we also supply the Private label.
Free sampels : 20g for your test
Delivery Detail:5-7days

Animal Hides

Wet And Dry Salted Animal Skin
Available for sale is a wide range of genuine leather products. Our goods are both raw and Semi-finished. They are used as raw material in many industries. We have animal skins of various forms like Wet salted, wet blue, finished and semi finished. The variety available from our partners provides a wide supply of hides & skins.

Genuine animal hides

Size: 30-60SQFT

Color: Brown and white or other

Model : P116-52sqft
Size : 30-60SQFT
Wool length : 8-11mm
Age group : Adults
Country of origin : The Netherlands
Brand : J&L

Organic Fresh Royal Jelly

A. Fresh royal jelly 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 2.0%, EU grade
B. Lyophilized Royal Jelly(Royal jelly powder) 5.0%, 6.0%
C. Water-solubility Lyophilized Royal Jelly
D. Royal jelly capsule
E. Royal jelly softgel capsule
F. Royal jelly tablet
G. Royal jelly oral liquid
H. Ginseng Royal jelly oral liquid

Fresh royal jelly





Individual Assess






Ash content%





Acidity(1mol/L NaOH)





Total sugar(Major glucose)%







shouled not checkout

not checkout














should be milk white, faint yellow or pale orange, be glossy

Faint yellow and glossy. Gloosy ice crystal when on forzen condition


Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder is refined from high quality fresh royal jelly with modern equipment, evacuating, freeze drying and purifying under freezing condition. Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly is fresh Royal jelly with the water removed. Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly contains 100% of the original nutrients, maintaining its full strength providing you a wonderful product that is very stable. Freeze Dried Royal Jelly has a long shelf life giving you flexibility to take it with you on trip or leave at the office without refrigeration.

Analysis Certificate





milk white fine powder



Particle size

100-120 mesh

Royal jelly








Total plate count






Pathogenic bacteria




Jasmine Rice 5% Broken

Jasmine Rice the gourmet choice for rice
Vietnam Jasmine Rice is a kind of high-quality rice which is widespread cultivated in Vietnamese fields. Named after the sweet-smelling jasmine flower of Southeast Asia (in Vietnamese: Hoa Lai), jasmine rice has a unique nutty aroma similar to the smell of jasmine. The grain is silky, shiny-white and smooth. Especially, Vietnam Long Grain Jasmine Rice has average length of kernel from 6.2mm up to 7.2mm. While cooked, it releases a naturally distinctive scent. After cooked, it is soft, fluffy and less sticky than other kinds of rice. Among high-quality kinds of rice, jasmine rice is most preferred and eaten the most by Asians.

1. Specification:
A. Vietnam Jasmine Long Grain Rice

Vietnam Jasmine Long Grain Rice
Purity : 90%min
Broken (% Max) : 5
Foreign Matters (% Max. ) : 0.2
Damaged Kernels (% Max.) : 0.5
Yellow Kernels (% Max.) : 0.5
Chalky Kernels (% Max.) : 6
Red & Red Streaked Kernels (% Max) : 2
Glutinous Kernels (% Max.) : 0.1
Immature Kernels (% Max.) : 0.2
Paddy Per Kg (Grain) (Max) : 4
Average moisture (% Max) : 14.5
Average Kernel Length (mm ) : 6.2 - 7.2
Crop year : Current
Mill degree : Well milled & double polished
B. Vietnam Jasmine Medium Grain Rice
Vietnam Jasmine Medium Grain Rice
Purity : 90% min
Broken (% Max) : 5
Foreign Matters (% Max.) : 0.5
Damaged Kernels (% Max.) : 0.8
Yellow Kernels (% Max.) : 0.5
Chalky Kernels (% Max.) : 6
Red & Red Streaked Kernels (% Max) : 1
Glutinous Kernels (% Max.) : 1
Immature Kernels (% Max.) : 0.5
Paddy Per Kg (Grain) (Max) : 5
Average moisture (% Max) : 14.5 - 15
Whole Kernel Length (mm ) : 4.0 - 5.5
Crop year : Current
Mill degree : Well milled & polished

Fairly Used Laptops

We supply Refurbished Laptops at best prices.

Our laptops are in EXCELLENT CONDITIONS AND WE SHIP WORLDWIDE with 24/48hours

We also have Brand New laptops



Product Type: Household
Product positioning: all-round student, this lightweight portable
Operating System: DOS

CPU Series: Intel Core i7 4-generation family
CPU Type: Intel Core i7 4702MQ
CPU frequency: 2.2GHz
Core frequency: 3200MHz
Bus Specifications: DMI 5 GT / s
Three cache: 6MB
Core Architecture: Haswell
Core / thread count: quad-core / eight thread

Storage Device
Memory Capacity: 4GB (4GB �?? 1)
Memory Type: DDR3L (low voltage version) 1600MHz
Hard disk capacity: 500GB
Hard Description: Support the expansion turn mSATA SSD hard drive
Drive Type: No built-in optical drive

Touch screen: does not support touch
Screen Size: 14 inches
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Resolution: 1366x768
Screen technology: LED backlit, matte glare mask

Graphics Type: Dual Graphics (fever-level graphics card + integrated graphics)
Graphics chip: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M + Intel GMA HD 4400
Memory Capacity: 2GB
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Interface: 128bit
Number of stream processors: 768

Multimedia devices
Camera: 720p HD webcam
Audio System: Built-in audio chip
Speaker: Built-in speaker
Microphone: Built-in microphone

Network Communications
Wireless LAN: 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol
Wired LAN: 100Mbps Ethernet card
Bluetooth: support, Bluetooth 4.0 module

I / O interfaces
Data interface: 1 USB2.0 +2 USB3.0
Video Interface: VGA, HDMI
Audio interface: headphone / microphone combo interface
Other interfaces: RJ45 (network interface), power connector
Reader: Multi-in-1 card reader

Input Devices
Pointing device: Touchpad
Keyboard Description: Full-size keyboard

Power Description
Battery: 6-cell lithium battery, 5900 mA
Life time: 5 hours, the specific time depending on use environment
Power adapter: 100V-240V 90W AC power adapter adaptive

Laptop Weight: 2Kg
Length: 339.2mm
Width: 239.5mm
Thickness: 26.4mm
Shell material: composite material
Case Description: Black

Notebook accessories
Packing list: Host x1 notebook
Power adapter x1
Power cord x1
Manual x1
Warranty card x1

Latex Gloves

Latex examination gloves :

Colour : natural

Size: s,m,l,xl

Can make OEM

Powder and Powder â?? free

Material: nature latex


100 pcs per box

10 box per carton


Certificate : CE, EN ISO 13485:2012, Food Grade (SGS), COA, ISO 9001:2008

High quality

High strength and elasticity

Disposable Powder Free Latex Gloves

Latex Medical Examination Gloves that offer an excellent barrier to bacterial contamination. Our medical gloves are recommended for use in hospital, clinics, homes for the aged, general practice dispensaries and laboratories.

Our powder-free gloves are ideal for individual hypersensitive to protein in the latex gloves. They contain low protein, less odor and have good aging properties with excellent donnability. They are also environmentally friendly. There are 3 types of powder-free gloves available for your selection;

S1-Double Chlorinated Gloves
S2-Single Chlorinated Gloves
S3-Polymer Gloves

Easy Donning, Excellent Comfort,
High Quality, High Resistance to Tearing,
Low Protein, Fit with Hands,
Complying with ISO 9001:2008,ISO 13458:2012,
ASTM-D-3578, EN455 PART 1-3, CE

Product Properties : Non-Sterile Latex Gloves For Medical

Type : Powdered/Powder-Free
Specification : Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous, Disposable
Cuff :

Surface : Smooth/Textured
Color : White/Natural
Main Material : Natural Concentrated Latex
Powder Material :
Cornstarch Powder

whole & Split Red Lentils Red Whole Lentils


Grade: 1 top quality

Moisture: 14.5%

Impurity: 0.5%

Imperfect: 3%

Size 3 - 6 mm up

Maturity: 100%

Purity: 99% min

Admixture: 0.5%max

Foreign Matter : 1% MAX

Cultivation Type: Common

Grade: 1 South Africa and Canada

Degree of soundness: Uniform size, good natural colour

Colour:Copper 1%

Total copper and bleached: 3%

Contrasting colours: 0.2%

Heated: 0.2%

Peeled, split %and broken: 2.0%

Other damage: 1.0%

Wrinkled: 20%

Total damages: 2.0%

Total damage including wrinkled: 4%

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Nutrition Facts
LentilsLentils, boiledLentils, pinkLentils, sproutedLentils, sprouted, stir-friedLentils, boiled

Amount Per 1 tbsp (12,3 g)100 grams1 cup (198 g)100 grams

Calories 116
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0,4 g 0%
Saturated fat 0,1 g 0%
Polyunsaturated fat 0,2 g
Monounsaturated fat 0,1 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 2 mg 0%
Potassium 369 mg 10%
Total Carbohydrate 20 g 6%
Dietary fiber 8 g 32%
Sugar 1,8 g
Protein 9 g 18%
Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 1% Iron 18%
Vitamin D 0% Vitamin B-6 10%
Vitamin B-12 0% Magnesium 9%

Waste Engine /waste Motor Oil/used Engine Oil

Selected from Automotives ( used engine/ motor oil )

The used engine oil we supply is 100% from automobile workshop, and that is the reason is higher quality as compared to a supplier who mixed vehicles and factory used engine oil, and that is the reason we have max ability to supply about 500 mt per month The contract specs are as below, however, in reality.

- Water : +/- 2%
-Gross calorific Value: Min 10 000 Kcal
-Sulfur content : Max 0%

Packaging Details: DRUMS, iso tank, flexitanks
Delivery Detail: 10 to 20 days

Fresh Haden Mango

Quick Details
Style : Fresh
Type : MANGO
Product Type : Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit
Variety : alphonso
Color : Green
Cultivation Type : COMMON
Maturity : 100% NATURAL
Size (cm) : 12 - 16
Grade : Premium
Certification : ISO
Place of Origin : Thailand
Alphonso mango : Alphonso mango
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : carton
Lead Time : prompt
Our COMPANY is considered one of the leading companies at the filed of exporting and agriculture production.

We would like to present our new fresh Mango with the following specification:

Varieties: Zybdya, skrya,Hindi, Timor, Alfonse.

Packing: 5 KG carton

5 KG Standard OPENTOP Carton

171 carton box/ pallet

20 Pallets / Container

3420 boxes/ Containerk

Skimmed Milk Powder

We confirm availability and ready to supply you skimmed milk powder with specification as described below,

Chemical & Physical Properties

Analysis Value/Unit

Milk Fat : 1.50 % m/m Max
Protein : P:SNF: 34 % m/m Min
Moisture : 4.0 % m/m Max
Lactose : 53.0 % m/m Typical
Foreign Matter : Absent /25g
Scorched Particles : Disc B /25g Max
Insolubility Index : 1.25 ml Max
Ash : 9.0 % m/m Max
Titratable Acidity: 0.15 % m/v Max
Colour : Light Cream
Flavour : Sweet, free of undesirable odour
Texture : Free flowing, free of lumps

Full Cream Milk Powder

Full cream Milk PowderWith an experience of more than 25 years, we have emerged as the premium Supplier and Exporter of Full Cream Milk Powder from Cuijk. We bring forth flavorful Full Cream Milk Powder that is in compliance with the highest food standards. Our Full Cream Milk Powder is widely preferred in various countries because of its nourishing taste and good shelf life. Clients can acquire bulk amount of Full Cream Milk Powder from us at reasonable rates.

Details :

Type : Full Cream Milk Powder
Certification : ISO certified
Shelf Life : 24 Months
Color : Cream
Place of Origin : Cuijk
Weight (Kg) : 25
Packaging : paper bags 25kg
Origin : The Netherlands
Fat Content (%) : 26

Best Quality Full Cream Milk Powder

>=1 Metric Tons $1.00

Coconut Milk Powder

Quick Details
Form : Powder
Variety : Coconut Extract
Part : Seed
Extraction Type : Liquid-Solid Extraction
Packaging : bottle, CAN, DRUM, Glass Container, Mason Jar, Plastic Container, Other
Place of Origin : Malaysia
powder : powder
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : 25 kg bags
Tins (cans) : Sachets
OR as the buyer request
Lead Time : prompt
Instant Coconut milk Powder


Product name : Coconut powder

Botanical source : Coconut

Plant part used : Fruit

Carrier used : 10% Malt-dextrine

Appearance : White Powder

Sieve Analysis : 80 mesh

Odor : Characteristic

Taste : Characteristic

Loss on drying : NMT5.0%

Sulphated Ash : NMT5.0%

Heavy Metals : NMT 10ppm

Residual Solvents : Eur.Pharm.

Nitrile Gloves

AVAILABLE 200000 boxes NITRILE GLOVES, LATEX GLOVES POWDER FREE / Superieur gloves /pure gloves/ sri trang gloves/ vGloves

Material: Nitrile, contains acrylonitrile-butadiene.

Grade: Medical.

Characteristics: Textured.

Finger Thickness: 4 mil.

Length: 240 mm.

Product name: Nitrile gloves powder free

GROSS WEIGHT: G.W: 5.0KGS/ctn N.W: 4.5KGS/ctn

CBM/CTN/CTN: 35*24*23.5cm/ctn

PACKING: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton. 1000pcs/carton

Container: 1*20ft: 1500ctn 1*40HQ: 3500ctn

Disposable Blue Nitrile Gloves Powder Free

Material: Nitrile, contains acrylonitrile-butadiene.

Grade: Medical.

Characteristics: Textured.

Finger Thickness: 4 mil.

Length: 240 mm.

Product name: Nitrile gloves powder free

GROSS WEIGHT: G.W: 5.0KGS/ctn N.W: 4.5KGS/ctn

CBM/CTN/CTN: 35*24*23.5cm/ctn

PACKING: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton. 1000pcs/carton

Container: 1*20ft: 1500ctn 1*40HQ: 3500ctn

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Spaghetti Pasta, Macaroni

Spaghetti Pasta, Macaroni / Soup Noodles / Durum Wheat for Sale

Quick Details
Product Type : Pasta
Primary Ingredient : Buckwheat,Corn,Durum Wheat,Rice,
Processing Type : Refined
Shape : All shape available
Style: Dried
Feature : Gluten-Free, Low-Carb, Low-Fat
Packaging : Box, Sachet
Certification : HACCP, ISO
Cooking Time : 5-8 Minutes
Weight (kg) : 0.4
Shelf Life : 2 Years
Place of Origin : Hungary
Brand Name : OEM
Model Number : Spaghetti
Pasta Type : Spaghetti
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 10000 Carton/Cartons per Day

5kg x 2 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 27 MT pasta. It means 2.700 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words 5.400 packs inside the container.

500gr x 20 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 27,5 MT pasta. It means 2.750 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words 55.000 packs inside the container.

400gr x 25 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 26,5 MT pasta. It means 2.650 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words 66.250 packs inside the container.

300gr x 40 packs in a carton (=12 kg) box, NET 25,98 MT pasta. It means 2.165carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words 86.600 packs inside the container.

250gr x 40 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 26,5 MT pasta. It means 2.650 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words 106.000 packs inside the container.

200 gr x 40 packs in a carton (=8 kg) box, NET 24,8 MT pasta. It means 3100 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words 124.000 packs inside the container.

Instant Ramen Noodle

>=1 Pieces

Whole Nutmeg

Our company is a major Supplier and Exporter of Whole Nutmeg from Cuijk. Considered one of the most nourishing food products, our Whole Nutmeg is rich in various vitamins and nutrients. We make sure to package the nutmeg in high grade materials so that customers receive a fresh and nutritious product. Clients can order bulk and customized packages of Whole Nutmeg according to their requirement.

Specifications :

Size :
Diameter : 1-3cm
Length : 1.5-4cm
Health and Clean Index : 100%
Moisture : 10% max
Impurity : 1%max
Packing : 50kg/bag
Color : Medium Dark Brownish

Packaging Details : We also deal in powdered nutmeg with packing : 1kg to 12bags or 25 bags/carton, and Moisture : 14% and Admixture : max 1.0%.

Quick Cooking Oats

>=1 Tons

Fertile Ostrich Eggs Wholesale

>=5 Pieces

Parrot Eggs/Ostrich Eggs /Fertilized Quail Eggs

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 500 >500
Est. Time(days) 15 To be negotiated
Variety Hatching Egg
Origin Finch
Style Fresh
Model Number KUBE01
Place of Origin Thailand
Egg Fertile bird eggs
Packing Tray
Usage Breeding, hatching
Color White
Size 1~4cm
Weight 4~20g

The prices are only for reference. Exact price will be based on the latest quotation.
Fertile eggs for sale
100% origin from Thailand
All eggs are laid from captive bred and Healthy birds.
Category of birds eggs available:
Finch eggs
Ringneck eggs

Canary eggs

Refined Palm Oil

We take care of all the raw materials used in the product manufacturing and designing. The inputs (raw material) used are quality certified and are remarkable for the production. Before making the final dispatch, our entire lot is carefully stored in our capacious warehouse under the administration of experts. Thus, there are minimal chances of defects at buyer's end.

Refined palm oil / palm oil is an alternative material for biodiesel production.

Palm oil has become wide-spread as highly profitable, economic frying oil , highly-resistant to oxidation, as compared to rapeseed and common sunflower oil. It is used for production of spreads, ice-cream, margarine, pastry (biscuits, candy fillings, wafers, cookies, ginger bread ), as oil for deep-frying, and for instant foods (chips, potato, nuts, noodles and bouillon cubes.


Taste and odor - Non- Identifiable
Free fatty acids content - Max 0,05%
Peroxide value - Max 1,0 mmol O/kg
Stability 120 degrees Centigrade - Max 10 hrs (Rancimat)
Oil fatty acid content - Max 40%
Palmitic fatty acid content of - Max 40%

Top Grade Refined Palm Oil

Top Grade REFINED PALM OIL / PALM OIL - Olein CP10, CP8, CP6 For Cooking /Palm Kernel OIl CP10

Quick Details
Palm Oil
Product Type : Wood Oil
Processing Type : Refined
Packaging : Plastic Bottle
Purity (%) : 100%
Volume (L) : 125ml---5L
Certification : HALAL - HACCP - ISO
Grade : Top Grade
Refined Type : Fractionated Oil
Place of Origin: Hungary
Use : Cooking
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 10000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1) JERRY CAN : 2L, 3L, 5L, 7L, 8L, 10L, 16L, 18L, 20L, 25L
2) BIG MOUTH JERRY CAN : 10L, 16L, 18L
3) PET BOTTLE : 500ML, 750ML, 1L, 1.8L, 2L, 3L, 5L
4) TIN : 16L, 18L
5) METAL DRUMS : 190KGS & 192KG

Port : Port Csepel

Free Fatty Acid ( % ) : 0.1%Max
Moisture & Impurities( % ) : 0.1%Max
Slip Melting Point : 24 Max
Cloud Point : 10 Max
Iodine value (g/100 g) : 58 Min
Colour Lovibond 5 1/4 : Red 2.5 Max Yellow 25.0 Max
Appearance : Pale yellow, bright & clear oily liquid
Odor : Bland, odorless

Our palm oil products are:

RBD Palm Oil
Application: Deep-frying oils for food industries, i.e. noodles, snack foods, etc. Also used in manufacturing of margarines, shortenings, ice cream, condensed milk, vanaspati, cookies, etc.

RBD Palm Olein
Appplication: Mainly as cooking and frying medium. Also used in manufacturing of margarine and shortening.

RBD Palm Stearin
Application: Used for production of specialty fats, i.e. margarines, confectionery fats, bakery, milk industry, etc. Also used in production of non-foods, i.e. soap, candle, etc.

ALSO Crude Palm Oil

Parboiled Rice

Now we would like to offer you one of the most famous products, PARBOILED RICE 5% BROKEN. We commit to provide the products with high quality and best competitive prices and we are confident that our products will meet your customers demand of using safer foods.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Supply Ability : 1000 Bag/Bags per Month
Packaging Details
1.PACKING: 500kg/Jumbo bag x 44 bags/Cont 40 or 40kg/PP bag x 28MT/Cont 40 Customer request

Canned Yellow/White Peach

Quick Details
Style : Canned
Type : apple, Apricot, AVOCADO, BANANA, Casaba, CHERRY, Coconut, Fig, Grapefruit, Guava, Honeydew, Japanese Plum, Lemon, Lichee, LIME, LONGAN, Mandarin Orange, MANGO, Mume Plum, Muskmelon, Orange, PASSION FRUIT, PEACH, Pear, Pineapple, Quince, Rambutan, RASPBERRY, Seedless Grape, Strawberry, Tangerine
Preservation Process:
Certification : HACCP, ISO, Ocia
Shelf Life : 3 Years
Place of Origin : Malaysia
canned fruit:
canned fruit
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Carton/Cartons per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : carton
Lead Time : prompt
1). Canned Shellfish : Canned Smoked/Boiled Oyster
Canned Smoked/Boiled Mussel
Canned Smoked/Boiled Baby Clam
Canned Smoked/Boiled Scallop

2).Canned fish : Canned Mackerel/Mackerel Fillet
Canned Sardine
Canned Salmon/Salmon Flake
Canned Tuna/Tuna flake

3). Canned Fruit
Canned Yellow/White Peach
Canned Strawberry
Canned Pear
Canned Apricot
Canned Fruit Cocktail
Canned Solid Apple/Apple in Syrup
Canned Bartlett Pear
Canned Two Fruits(Peaches/Bartlett Pears)
Canned Cherry
Canned Fig

4). Canned vegetable:
Canned mushroom
Canned asparagus
Canned green pea
Canned sweet corn

5). Organic Dried Noodle
Organic Soba noodle
Organic Udon noodle
Organic Somein noodle

We appreciate your interests for our company and products,hope that we can find our mutual interests.Also we tend to develop any new products from your mind.
Your further inquiry is much welcome!

Black Pepper Seeds

As we are counted among the reliable names in the industry, we are involved in carrying out a secured payment processing method. We undertake both online and offline methods for the convenience of the clients. We have hired only professional packaging personnel who have experience and expertise in this domain. They make use of the finest quality packing material to ensure zero damage during transit.

Characteristics :

125 grains (corns) more than 4 grams weight.


Plant materials like stem, leaves etc 1% by weight.
Calcium/Magnisium Sulphates or Carbonates 0.1% max.

Keywords :

Black pepper
Black pepper benefits
Black pepper powder


Colour - Black
Shape - Uniform
Taste - Spicy
Breakers - Max 0.5%
Smell - Strong (pungent)
Discoloured corn - 10% by count.
Infested - Nil
Grit & Sand - 0. 5%
Arsenic - 1.0 mg/kg max
Lead - 5.0 mg/kg max
Copper - 15.0 mg/kg max
E.Coli - Negative/25 gm
Salmonella - Absent
Yeast & moulds - 1000Cfu/g.
Coliforms - Below 10 Cfu/g.

Premium Grade Base Oil Hot Sale

>=200 Tons

Top Quality Pine Nuts

>=1 Metric Tons $1.00

Pine Nuts In Shell/without Shell

>=3 Kilograms

Pistachio Nuts

>=1 Kilograms

Top Grade Super Quality Pistachios

Top Grade Super Quality Pistachios Nut at Best Market Price/High quality Long Iranian pistachio nut

Quick Details
Type : Pistachio Nut
Cultivation Type: Organic
Processing Type : Blanched
Style : Dried
Packaging : 1kg/20kg/50kg
Certification : HACCP
Grade : Premium Grade
Use : Food
Place of Origin : Turkey
Model Number : PISTACHIO2017
dried : dried
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : pp bags
Lead Time : prompt
1.Sizing: Pistachios are calibrated by the number of pistachios in a weight unit of one avoirdupois ounce (28.3495 gr.) as under:
18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32

2.Type of open shell:
- Natural Open (the shell is opened on the tree naturally)
- Mechanical Open (the shell is opened mechanically in plant)
3.Pistachio in shell species
- Jumbo: Available in 18/20, 20/22 and 22/24
- Round: Available in 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32
- Badami: Available in 24/26, 26/28 and 28/30
- Akbari: Available in 18/20, 20/22 and 22/24
- Ahmad Aghaee: Available in 22/24, 24/26 and 26/28

4.offer description:

Product Name High Quality 100% Natural Pistachio
Model Number - Pistachio
Type - Pistachio Nut
Cultivation Type - Common
Processing Type - pure
Style - Dried
Taste - Salty, Crispy
Produce process - Selecting--Roasting--Seasoning--Selecting & metal detection - Packaging
Feature - NON-GMO
No food addtives
Good for eyesight.
Minimum Order Quantity - 5 metric ton
Packaging Details - Standard
Delivery Time - two week after confirmation of order
Payment Terms - 30% TT as advance and the balance paid against the copy of bill of lading
Supply Ability - 1500mt per Year
Shelf Life - 12 months

6kg bag;2 bag in one carton;

Virgin Recycled GPPS Granules

Virgin Recycled GPPS Granules/ general purpose polystyrene Hot selling ! GPPS resin

Quick Details
Place of Origin : Hungary
Brand Name : GPPS
Model Number : Virgin GPPS Granules
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : As per Customer Requirement
Port : HU
1. Competitive price and excellent quality
2. Timely shippment and delivery
3. Long-term and stable supply
4. Contract honour


Shape: Granule
Color: Clear, black and so on and as you want
Hardness: Soft and rigid
Appearance: Transparent pellets or granule
CAS: 9003-53-6
Packaging: 25kg/PP bag


1, GPPS can be used for daily necessities, electrical, instrument shell, toys, lamps, household appliances, stationery, cosmetics containers, indoor

2, also can be used in outdoor decoration, fruit tray, optical components, such as prism, lens) lens window glass and molding, headlights, telecom accessories, electric frequency capacitor films,

Property Unit Test Method Test Condition JL-GPPS
Tensile Strength kg/cm2
D-638 ( ISO527) 23 C 420 (41)
Tensile Elongation % ASTM D-638
( ISO527) 23 C 2.1

Poppy Seeds

Our company is a distinguished Supplier and Exporter of Poppy Seeds from Cuijk. The Poppy Seeds offered by us are high in quality and has a good nutritional content. To ensure customer satisfaction, we make sure that Poppy Seeds are packaged within high grade materials before dispatching. Owing to our efficient distribution network, we are capable of delivering bulk quantities of Poppy Seeds all over the world.

Specifications :

Taste (seeds) Full of flavour
Colour : blue
Moisture max 9 %
Purity min : 99.90%
Damaged seeds max. (%hm) : 2.50%
Foreign seeds max. (%hm) : 3%
GMO matters : NO
Pests dead or alive : NO

Packaging :

Packaging material : paper bags, polypropylene bags
Packaging color : uncolored
Packaging weight : 25 kgs, 50 kgs, 1000 kgs big bags
Packaging closing : yarn
Closing material : cotton
Pallets material : wood

Storage Conditions :

Shelf life : min. 1 year, provided the goods are stored under described conditions
Storage : in cool, dry place
Storage temperature : 6-15oC
Relative moisture of air (%) : according to universal storing conditions


Type - Common
Brand Name - J&L poppy seeds
Material - Blue Poppy seeds
Use - For food
Style - common
Certification - BRC
Place of Origin - Cuijk

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity - 100
Port Rotterdam
Payment Terms - D/P, T/T
Delivery Time - 5 - 19 days

Paper One Premium A4 Paper

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Packing Method 1 : 500 SHEETS/REAM
5 REAMS/BOX(Carton)
Packing Method 1 : 500 SHEETS/REAM
10 REAMS/BOX(Carton)
Port : laem chabang
Lead Time :
Quantity(Bags) 1 120000 >120000
Est. Time(days) 12 To be negotiated

A4,letter size,legal size high whiteness Bond Paper

Virgin Woo Pulp
High Whiteness Color,Roll or Sheets
Fast Delivery And Competitive price

Pumpkin Seeds

Based in Cuijk (The Netherlands), we bring forth the assortment of Pumpkin Seeds that are appreciated for their purity, quality, nutritional value, natural taste and longer shelf life. It's all because these are sourced directly from the organic cultivators who abstain from using chemical fertilizers. We export and supply them worldwide at nominal prices. Be it retail or bulk order, we always deliver on time, courtesy our widespread logistics network.

Specifications : Snow White Pumpkin Seeds

Size : 9.5cm,11cm,12cm,13cm
Moisture : 9%,
Impurity : 2%
Imperfect : 4%
Size : 9.5cm,10cm ,11cm, 12cm, 13cm
Load quantity : 26mts per 40 hc

Highest Quality Quinoa Grain

>=1 Tons $1.00

Rapeseed Oil

* From catering to seasonal demand to a continuous one, we can do it, as we have an ultramodern storage facility, which is equipped with the latest inventory control and management system. We work in close coordination with the team members and packaging professionals; they ensure that the products are packed sternly using the finest quality packaging materials.

* Rapeseed oil is the main material for biodiesel production,

* Crude rapeseed oil non-degummed oil, obtained by pressing and subsequent extraction by hexane

* Refined rapeseed oil (degummed / top degummed) devoid of free fatty acids and phosphorus using

* Chemical or physical method of refining

LLDPE Resins Virgin Reprocessed

Supply Ability
Supply Ability - 1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details - As per Customer requirement
Port - HU
Grade - 1. Blow molding grade,

2. Injection molding grade,

3. Film grade ;
4. Extrusion grade.

Application - Fiber (Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, etc. )
Film (Shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc. )
Blow Molding (Medical & Cosmetic container, Lubricant & Paint container, etc)
Extrusion Molding (Sheet, Pipe, Wire & Cable, etc. )
Injection Molding (Automotive, Electronic, Construction, House wares, Furniture, Toys, etc. )

LLDPE Specifications:

Test item

Unit- Index

Tensile strength - MPa


Semi Husked Coconut

Semi husked coconut season in Vietnam is whole year round. Green Future vn is one of best companies in exporting semi husked coconuts that can provide buyers good quality and best services.

Product Name
semi husked coconut
Natural color and brown
25-30 kg/bags
700-1200 gram/coconut
13 cm
25 tons/cont 20
Food, bake, oil, ...etc

Used Shipping Container

Used Shipping Container 20ft 40ft 40hc Cargo New and Used Shipping Containers For Sale

$700.00 - $1,100.00/ Unit|1 Unit/Units(Min. Order)

Quick Details
Type : All kind is available
Length (feet) : 20'', 40''
Certification : CSC, ISO9001
Capacity : All sizes available
External Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm) : All sizes available
Internal Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm) : All sizes available
Place of Origin : Hungary
Brand Name : OEM
Supply Ability
Supply Ability : 100 Unit/Units per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details : As Per Customer Required
Port : HU
We do supply high quality and different kind of shipping containers as bellow:

Dry storage container. ...
Flat rack container. ...
Open top container. ...
Tunnel container. ...
Open side storage container. ...
Double doors container. ...
Refrigerated ISO containers. ...
Insulated or thermal containers.
Please kindly contact us now for full quotation.

Soybean Meal

Our company is an established Supplier and Exporter of Fish Meal from Cuijk. The Fish Meal offered by us is procured from certified fisheries which adopt advanced and safe practices for maintaining them. Our Fish Meal is widely popular in various countries because of its high nourishment value and superior quality. Due to our large distribution network, we are capable of delivering bulk orders of Fish Meal within stipulated time.

Highlights :

The Fish Meal is treated with antioxidant and contains minimum 120 ppm, at the time of loading.
Fish Meal is free from mammalbone and mammalbone slivers, etc.

Specifications :

Color : Yellow Dark-Brown
Commodity : Defatted Fish meal
Raw material : Anchovy
Produce progress : Steaming, pressing, drying, and granulation

Icumsa 45 Sugar

Brazilian Icumsa 45 Sugar (IC 45 Sugar) All Request for Icumsa IC 45 Sugar Price quote must follow and agree with our basic selling terms,other payment conditions or orders below the minimum volume will be ignored and not forwarded for validation.

Keywords :

Icumsa Sugar
Sugar prices
Icumsa 45 Sugar for sale


Commodity - Icumsa 45 Sugar (white Refined Cane Sugar)
Solubility - 100% Dry & Free Flowing
Polarity At 20 C 99.80 Minimum
Moisture - 0.04% Maximum By Weight

Refined Sunflower Oil

Our company is a reputed Supplier and Exporter of Sunflower Oil based Cuijk. The Sunflower Oil presented by us is extremely pure and free from any adulteration. We store the Sunflower Oil in temperature controlled warehouses for preserving its freshness. We also package them in food quality materials so it retains it nutrients. We can easily handle the bulk orders of Sunflower Oil as per the requirement of the clients.

Specifications :

HS Code : 12151900
Production Capacity : 1500 Metric Ton / Month
Specific Gravity at 20c : 0.916-0.923
Refractive Index at 20c : 1472-1474
Iodine Value : 120-143
Free Fatty Acid : 0.1% Max. As Oleic Acid
Peroxide Value : 1 Max. (megkg)
Color : Max. 2 Red (on 5 Lovibond cell)
Moisture : 0.1% Max
Appearance : Clear and Bright
Odor and Flavor : Odorless and Bland

Factory Price Refined Sunflower Oil

Quick Details
Product Type : Nut & Seed Oil
Processing Type : Refined
Cultivation Type : COMMON
Use : Cooking, Frying, Seasing
Packaging: Bulk, Can (Tinned), DRUM
Purity (%) : 100
Volume (L): 2
Certification : ISO HACCP HALAL
Grade : Refined Sunflower Oil
Refined Type : Sunflower Seed Oil
Place of Origin : Hungary
Brand Name: Sunflowar Oil
Model Number : Sunflower Seed Oil

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Single-use no powder vinyl gloves for medical examination


Product Name No powder vinyl gloves
Item No. GLV 01 GLV 02 GLV 03
Description Disposable Stretch Gloves; Latex Examination Gloves
Size Available XS,S,M,L,XL
Color Available White,blue,Clear
Package 1 Piece/PE Bag or Blister Pack, 10 Piece/1 Box, 100 Piece/ Ctn
Logo Printing Silk Screen or Heat Transfer
Application Light Industry
Delivery time 30 Days
Supply Capacity 500,000 Piece/Pieces / Day


Ambidextrous fits either hand
Durable & Stretchable
Beaded cuff
Meet or exceed ASTM D5250 standards
Smelless, harmless, nontoxic, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant
Adequate thickness, not effect on doctors hand sensitivity
Suitable in the fields of hotel, restaurant, food process, medical examination, etc

Old Corrugated Carton Waste Paper Scraps OCC

Product Type - Waste Paper
Packing - BALE (1.2-1.4 TONS/ BALE)
Feature - Mixed & NOT MIXED
Quantity - 5000 Metric Tons per Month

22/23 tons in 40 Feet Container - 36 bales in each Container.

We could offer Monthly bulk Quantities of Paper both scrap in bales & non-scrap as below:

OCC Waste Paper
OINP waste paper
OMG Waste Paper
ONP Waste Paper
The Materials we can supply:

Sorted Office Paper
Waste Yellow Pages Telephone directories
Waste newsprint paper
Mixed Paper
We are sourcing and engaged in the distribution of premium quality products both at home and abroad. We delight ourselves in Efficient, Reliable and Prompt export and delivery services to all Buyers. Our greatest dream is to expand our market worldwide and because of that, we work day and night in order to provide our clients with the best which is our number one priority.

Over Issued Newspaper/News Paper Scraps/OINP

Description: Over Issued Newspaper as per the attached pictures.

Size: Newspapers size is 23-inch x 26 inch

All sizes in inch (Length x Width) when newspaper is spread/opened


Origin: South Africa

No objectionable material.

Content : 100% Newspaper

Moisture:0% max

No Plastic material

Packing: Packed in the form of bundles of 20 KG as per attached pictures

Minimum Order: One 20 FCL containing 18 MT +/- 5%

The product is of excellent quality, free from any sort of mud, dust, garbage or any spoiled or damaged newspapers. This is quite evident from the attached pictures. The product is ideal for packing, warping and other similar

XLPE Cable Scrap

XLPE Cable Scrap

Zinc Ash

In order to attain complete client satisfaction, we make sure that the offered lot is prepared using the best quality material. For this, we have tied-up with the leading names who assure us for the quality. We meticulously pack the entire lot for ensuring safe and secure deliveries across the boundaries.

Zinc Dross

Located in Cuijk (The Netherlands), we are instrumental in exporting and supplying high quality Zinc Dross across the world. We avail them from the certified manufacturers. Moreover, we offer them in quality packaging to allow easy handling. Buyers can get varied specifications of Zinc Dross from us. The prices quoted by us are unbeatable. Also, we never cause shipping delays because of our efficient logistics network.

Details :

HS code : 2621900090
Productivity : 1500mtm
Appearance : Spontaneous And Flammable Solids Flammable Dimmed Small Powder. With Strong Reduction.
Fire Danger :
In case of Acids, Alkali, Water, Fluorine, Chlorine, Sulfur, Selenium, Antioxidants etc. Can cause combustion or explosion.
Its dust and air mixture to a certain percentage, in case of mars is caused by the explosion.
Disposal Method : Dry Sand, Dry Powder; Prohibiting The Use Of Water And Foam
Application : Production Of Zinc Sulfate, Agriculture, Electrolytic Zinc Fertilizer, Zinc
Production Zinc : 94% Min 94.6% PB : 0.38% Max 0.35% CD : 0.001% Max 0.001%
Fe : 0.1%max 0.1% SN : 0.05% max 0.04%

Zinc Dross Applications :

Production of Zinc Sulfate and Zinc
Electrolytic Zinc fertilizer

We offer zinc bottom dross from the process of hot deep galvanizing process

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