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3 Ply Face Mask

**Key Specifications/Special Features**
Price: 0.9$/BOX(50pcs)
Payment: TT30%-TT70% against SGS
Leading time: 14days
*50pcs/box, 50box/carton
*CE, FDA approved

-NCNDA, LOI (buyer)
-Draft SPA (Seller)
-SPA (Both parties)
-Payment TT30%
-Production, SGS, Delivery
-Payment TT70%

Isolation Gown

Brand: Jang Jung Vina
Price: 1.2$/pcs (FOB Vietnam)
Material: PP + PE
Payment terms: TT30% - LC70%
Leading time: 20 days
Quantitative: level 3
*We will send you all the certificates and test report
if order more quantity, less price

Cam Ranh Isolation Gown

*Key Specifications/Special Features*
Price: 1.1$/pcs (FOB Vietnam)
Payment terms: TT30% - TT70% against SGS
Leading time: 15 days
Quantitative: level 3
Certificates: CE, FDA approved

TORU Surgical Gown

Key Specifications/Special Features -
'-PP non-woven fabric
30gsm(Lev 1): 0.8$/pcs
40gsm(Lev 1): 0.9$/pcs
50gsm: 1.0$/pcs

'-PP+PE non-woven fabric
30gsm(Lev 1): 0.9$/pcs
40gsm(Lev 1): 1.0$/pcs
50gsm(Lev 2): 1.1$/pcs

'-SMS non-woven fabric
30gsm(Lev 1): 1.1$/pcs
40gsm(Lev 2): 1.2$/pcs
50gsm(Lev 2): 1.3$/pcs

*Certificates: CE, FDA
*Price is FOB Vietnam.


Zimbabwe "BIKITA minerals (pvt) ltd" production of lithium feldspar and lithium feldspar, compared with many obvious advantages.
For example: pure, very low iron content, no need to calcine (refers to the ceramic industry), good results, high efficiency, environmental protection, cost-effective and so on.
There are a variety of grades to choose from, can meet the requirements of different industries.
Containing 4.0-4.7% lithium.

ICU Ventilator

**Ready stock in Turkey**
-Price: USD11,000/CIF by air *without compressor
-Price: USD12,000/CIF by air *with compressor

-Operation Features-
Inspiration Pressure: 2-100 mBar
Inspiration Duration: 0.1-10 Sec.
Peep Pressure: 0-50 mBar
Breathe Speed: (c) 1-150/mins. (y) 1-100/mins.
Flow: (c) 1-60 lt/mins. (y) 2-120 lt/mins.
O2 Mixture: 21-100%
Spontaneous Pressure Support: 0-100 mBar
I/E Rate: 1:10 (x60*)-10:1 (c): Child, (y): Adult

Latex Gloves (Viet Glove)

Brand: Viet Glove
MOQ: 1 container
Price: 2.5/BOX/FOB Vietnam
Payment: TT30%-70% against SGS
Leading time: 20days

*100pcs/box, 10box/carton
*CE, FDA approved

-NCNDA, PO (buyer)
-FCO, Draft SPA (Seller)
-SPA (Both parties)
-Payment TT30% (Buyer)
-Production, SGS, Delivery
-LC70% or TT70%

Bisou Mask

Key Specifications/Special Features -
Brand: bisou
Price: 1.0$/BOX(50pcs)/FOB Vietnam
Payment: TT30%-TT70% against SGS
Leading time: 10days

*50pcs/box, 50box/carton
*CE, FDA approved

-NCNDA, LOI (buyer)
-Draft SPA (Seller)
-SPA (Both parties)
-Payment TT30%
-Production, SGS, Delivery
-Payment TT70%

Oxygen Concentrator

-Oxygen Concentrator
Brand: yuwell
Origin: China
Price: USD220/FOB China
Payment: TT30%-70% against SGS

-Flow Range: 5L/min
-Maximum outlet pressure: 40-70kpa
-Sound Level: 52 dB(A)
-Input power: 400VA
-N.W: 16.6kg (36.6Ibs)
-Dimension: 39*24.5*50(cm)
-Minimum operating time: 30min

Syringes From Vietnam

-Key Specifications/Special Features
-15 different types of 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml,10ml...
Price: 0.03$/pcs *1ml with needle, Luer Slip
Payment: TT20%-LC80%

* The price depends on the types
* Price is FOB Vietnam

Process / Procedure:
1. Buyer send LOI
2. Seller provide certificates and FCO
3. Buyer sign FCO
4. Sign SPA
5. Buyer pay deposit
6. SGS Inspection
7. Loading / delivery
8. Buyer pay balance


Origin: China
MOQ: 100,000 pcs
Price; 0.025$/pcs *1ml with needles, Luer Slip
Price; 0.03$/pcs *1ml with needles, Luer Lock
Payment: TT20%-LC80%

N95 Mask

Key Specifications/Special Features
Brand: RICA
Price: 0.25$/pcs/FOB Cat Lai port (Vietnam)
Payment: TT30%-70% against SGS
Leading time: 15days

*20pcs/box, 50box/carton
*CE, FDA approved

-NCNDA, PO (buyer)
-FCO, Draft SPA (Seller)
-SPA (Both parties)
-Payment TT30%
-Production, SGS, Delivery
-Payment TT70%

Kimberly Clark Nitrile Gloves

FOB Thailand ( Laem Chabang Port )

KC 500;
Nitrile Examination Gloves
MOQ: 5 Million x 12 months
MAX: 20M x 12 months
Price USD8.00

Nitrile Examination Gloves
MOQ: 5 Million x 12 months
MAX: 20M x 12 months
Price USD8.20

*Including USD0.10 commission for buyer side
*Sea Freight USD0.35 - USD0.50 CIF

Payment terms :
1. SBLC as Warranty, amounting Half Value of First Month Delivery and or
2. Irrevocable Revolving Non Transferable Divisible LC with withdrawal % from the LC as deposit from the total amount of 1 month.

Standing Operative Procedure;

1. NCNDA via Docusign

2. Buyer issues LOI, ICPO, LOA (if Proxy) and Proof Of Fund (*via Ready Willing Able or RWA Letter from the Buyer's Bank) for Fund verification, KYC

3. Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the above Documents after verification, Buyer will be provided with a Draft Sales Purchase Agreement and LC Draft

4. Once the Buyer has reviewed the SPA, the Buyer and Seller will sign SPA - IMFPA.

5. Allocation Letter @ Authorization Letter will be provided thru the Zoom Meeting

6. Seller provides PI

7. Within 3 working days after the contract assigned, Buyer activate Letter of Credit @ Irrevocable Revolving Non Transferable Divisible LC to Seller with the following terms

As Note given accordingly
2.5% - 10% payment withdrawn from the IRTLC for the deposit against Confirmation Letter from Factory and Invoice from Seller from the total amount of 1 month

90% - 97.5% will be withdrawn upon completion of SGS and ready for shipment for the First Month and 100% subsequently

(to be confirmed by issuing bank) or value including the full purchase price plus the 2.5% - 10% one month sales for Deposit


9. Seller provide delivery schedule from Factory within 10 - 15 working days after receipt of LC. If not Seller pay penalty 2.5% of 1 Month of Sales

10. Buyer provide SGS Inspection details to Seller to get approval from Factory for the Inspection

11. SGS is completed at the factory warehouse and after receive full payment the goods release from the Warehouse.

12. Seller released original documents to Buyer : Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Pro Forma Invoice

13. The Seller is responsible for the goods until they are loaded on a shipping vessel of which point all liability, risks, insurance and costs shifted to the buyer


1.1Mil Deposit 10%
2. 5Mil Deposit 5% - 7%
3. 10M Deposit 3% - 5%
4. 20M Deposit 2.5%

Vglove (Nitrile Gloves)

-Brand: Vglove
-Price: 3.0$/BOX
-Payment: TT30%-LC70% against SGS
-Leading time :30 days
-Size: S/M/L/XL=1/4/4/1
-Packing: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton, 1000pcs/carton

*Price is FOB Vietnam
*We will send you all the certificates and test reports


Silica is mainly used as a carrier of agricultural chemicals. Finely crushed silica powder is coated with agricultural chemicals and sold on the market for agricultural use. Silica itself has no effects; it merely serves as a carrier, and so can be dispersed without affecting the farmland, which makes it advantageous as a core material.

It's used as Fire-resistant product powder, Agricultural chemical carrier, Agricultural chemical carrier, Construction board

Sericite (Pottery stone)

The pottery stone ore shown in the earlier photograph is a particularly high-quality special-grade material among our pottery stones. Pottery stones are generally finely crushed, and used as the material for ceramics, bone china, and sanitary ware (toilets, sinks, etc.).

Products are shipped out from our mine in sizes of <= 10 mm obtained by roughly crushing the stones. They are shipped in bulk or by filling flexible containers using large trucks.

Rouseki (Pyrophyllite)

Like wax candles, Rouseki (Pyrophyllite) is white and semi-transparent, and has a waxy texture when touched. It is very brittle, and tends to crack largely along the stone joints. Up close, this stone looks grayish white, but may look blue from a distance.

The ore looks so similar to pottery stone ore that they cannot be distinguished. But there is a difference in their texture, color, and how they crack, and with experience, their differences become more visible. They not only look and feel different, but their applications and properties also differ significantly.

It's used as Firebricks, crucibles, glazes, fire-resistant powders, etc.

Vinyl Glove

-Price: 1.9$/BOX
-Payment: TT30%-70% against SGS
-Leading time :3-4 weeks
-Size: S/M/L/XL=1/4/4/1
-Packing: 100pcs/box, 10boxes/carton, 1000pcs/carton

*Price is FOB Vietnam
*We will send you all the certificates and test reports

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