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Supplier From South Korea (Republic Of Korea)
Covid-19 Diagnostic Kit

Covid-19 Diagnostic Kit(Made in Korea)

PCR running Time : 30m

Covid 19 Self Test Kit

- Product: Covid19 self test kit
- Origin: Korea
- Payment: CIF, FOB

Copper Cathode 99.99%

- COMMODITY: Electrolytic Copper Cathode Grade A
- Delivery: Immediately
- Specification: Copper Cu 99.97% -99-99%
- Dimensions : 914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (LME Standards) Weight of each sheet: 125 Kilograms (Approximately �± 2%)
- Documents
Seller will provide all relevant documents (POP); these include Analysis Certificate, Certificate of Ownership, and Certificate of Origin. Bill of Lading, Packing List and Insurance 110% are obtained once the goods are loaded into the vessel.
- Procedures
i. The Buyer issues LOI & parties execute an NCDA
ii. Seller Mandate issues FCO which is signed and returned by the Buyer
iii. The Seller issues draft Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for Buyer's review and acceptance.
iv. The Buyer returns amended SPA with Buyer's signature and seal together with Proof of Funds (RWA Bank letter or MT799 or Bank Comfort Letter).
v. The Seller countersigns and completes SPA with all applicable banking coordinates.
vi. The Seller confirms the availability of the Copper Cathodes and provides a full set of
Proof of Product (POP) documents.
vii. Buyer's bank issues draft DLC MT700 to seller's financier's bank and the parties confirm
the verbiage of the LC payment guarantee.
viii. Buyer issues revolving LC in the amount equal to one month's supply (10,000MT) and
this activates Seller's 2% Performance Bond (PB)..
ix. Seller arranges shipping of the trial shipment of 1,000 MT and provides the Buyer with
full shipping documentation, including SGS or equivalent inspection at port of lading.
x. Buyer pays for the trial shipment by T/T SWIFT MT103 within 72 hours of SGS/CIQ
inspection at Buyer's discharge port. The process repeats for each of 36 monthly shipments.

Copper Wire Scrap Milberry

- Product: Copper Wire Scrap Milberry, CU(Min) 99.95%-99.99%(Max)
- Price: a competitive price over the market price
- Payment Terms: Irrevocable & transferable 30-Day-DLC (MT700) with 2% PB (with inactive LC) and 110% Insurance at destination port by TT (MT103) after QQR from SGS or Equivalent

Copper Powder

* 272 Kilograms of Monatomic Ultra Pure Electrolytic Copper Powder (Copper)
* Type : PMS-M4
* Purity Grade : 99.993% wt.
* Average Particle Size : 18.05 microns
* Particle Configuration : Skeleton
* Particle Size Intervals : 0-30 microns covers 96.73% of specimen volume
* Price : FOB USA U$800/Kilograms
* Location : USA

Korean Cosmetics Items

Korean Cosmetics

Missha Korean Cosmetics

Korean Cosmetics

Laneige Korean Cosmetics Items

Korean Cosmetics

Cosmetics Items

Natural cosmetics. Made in Korea.

Korean Body Scrub

Korean Body Scrub


Gown For Covid19

Gown For Covid19


Pumps,Water pumps

Chicken Paws


Grade A Chicken Paws

Origin: BRAZIL-SIF plants

DELIVERY: First Shipment in approximately 90 working days
PACKING: Packing carton contains poly bags in a freezer carton= Approx. 10-20kg/per carton
Total 27 MT of frozen chicken per 40â?? container stored at -18�°C
INSPECTION: S.G.S Inspection or equivalent surveyor at Sellerâ??s cost
INSURANCE: 110% to be covered of the Sellerâ??s cost
PLANT: Chicken Products will be selected from a designated plant with an acceptable SIF
number. It will not be known which plant the order will originate from until an order is placed
with the Slaughterhouse upon receipt of Buyers Letter of Credit (LC).

1. Buyer issues ICPO/LOI to Seller with POF
2. Seller issues FCO, and Buyer signs and returns FCO, with POF with ATV (or SWIFT TELEX
bank to bank).
3. Seller signs FCO and returns it to the Buyer in PDF format.
4. Seller issues Sale and Purchase Agreement Contract within 24 hours,
5. Buyer then signs and seals the contract and returns it to the Seller, then Seller reviews
the changes, if necessary, as agreed to by both parties and then Seller signs it and returns
to Buyer in PDF format.
6. Within five (5) Banking days of signing SPA, Buyer's Bank issues the Operative Financial
Instrument (ARLC or SBLC) from a top 25 world bank and as agreed by Seller's bank.
7. Seller, after receipt of 100% Irrevocable, (ARLC), Automatic Revolving Letter of Credit or
confirmed SBLC. Performance Bond of 2%" (PB)will be issued within a reasonable time for
the safety of the Buyer. (As Per instructions, terms, and conditions below.
8. Shipment Commences per Purchase and Sales Agreement
9. Against presentation of shipping documents presented to Buyer the Seller according to
SIGNED SPA. Buyer shall make payment via SWIFT MT103 at loading port within 1-2
banking days after receiving shipping documents and commercial invoice per shipment.

If you are interested in the above, please contact me.



Hand Sanitizer - 70%

Korean Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Premium Hand Sanitizer.
Made in Korea.

Hand Sanitizer

1. Name : hand sanitizer
1) waterless hand sanitizer gel kills 99.99% germs
2) Kill Germs Without Water.
3) Kills most common germs that may make you sick.
4) Use anytime, anyplace, without water.
5) Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth with glycerin green tea extract
6) Leaves hands feeling refreshed without stickiness or residue.
7) Keep a bottle at work, in the classroom, and at home.

3. active ingredient : ethanol ( ethyl alcohol) : 62%-70%
4. capacity : 180ml, 480ml
5. country of origin : Korea.
6. FDA,CPNP approved

700bar Hydraulic Pump

700bar Hydraulic pump for hydraulic puncher.

Hydraulic Puncher

Hydraulic puncher




Valves, Gate valve

Iron Ore (62% Fe)

*PHI Iron Ore Fe 65% Lump*

Quantity: 200k~500k MT per months
Quantity depends on discharging rate per day at discharging port

Payment LC: 95% released at loading port / 5% released at discharging port after inspection

Final price may change due to price change of bulk vessel

Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seal, Special mechanical seal

Cloth For Covid19

Cloth for covid19

Korean KF94 Mask

Korean KF94 Mask.

MOQ: 40FT container

FDA, CE Certificate approved.

Nitrile Glove

Nitrile glove

Paloma Nitrile Glove

- 200pcs per Box
- MOQ: 10M Boxes

Superior Nitrile Glove

Superior nitrile glove OTG product.(Qty: 100M boxes)

Skymed Nitrile Glove

MOQ: 1M boxes

Mask storage case

Keeps the mask safe and hygienic. Dehumidifying deodorant hepls remove moisture from the mask. Dehumidifying deodorant helps deodorize the mask.

Covid Goggle

Covid goggle

Laundry Capsule

Laundry Capsule (Made in Korea)


Used Rail Steel (In stock)

- Used Rail STEEL in stock
- R-50/R-65

1. Buyer shall issue LOI(Letter of Intent) to Seller
2. Seller shall issue SCO(Soft Corporate Offer) to Buyer and Buyer shall issue ICPO(Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) to Seller when it is accepted.
3. Buyer shall issue MT705 or the attached BCL(Bank capability Letter) through their bank to prove the bank capability.
4. ICPO shall be written with Buyer companyâ??s letterhead, and include Buyer banking information and representativeâ??s passport copy
5. Seller shall issue to Buyer the draft of SPA(Sales and Purchase Agreement) together with IMFPA(Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement) &
NCNDA(Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement) and all of agreements are signed(Sealed,Endorsed) together when both agree.
6. Buyer shall issue the MT700, 100% Irrevocable At sight L/C (Letter of Credit) through the bank SWIFT for the full value of the commercial invoice.
7. Seller's bank shall issue PB(Performance Bond) equivalent to 2% of the value of the L/C to the buyerâ??s bank after Sellerâ??s bank approves the L/C.
8. The delivery schedule of the signed SPA (contract) shall keep on time and shipment shall arrange as soon as possible.

Buyer can check and get the followings once the BCL(proof of bank capability) and MT700 are transferred and confirmed through the bank SWIFT system..
Seller's business license
Manufacturer Export license
Certificate of ownership
Certificate of Origin
Certificate of Export Permission
Proof of Product
Certificate of Chemical Composition
SGS report for technical specification test
Ownership transfer
Sight Inspection for Seller's Warehouse
Any of additional documents shall be exchanged only through the secured Bank channels(Bank SWIFT) such as MT700 or MT705.

If you are a real buyer, feel free to contact me. The seller has 5 million tons in stock.

Used Korean Cars

I handle various used cars in Korea (car, porter, van, etc)

Dealers who are interested in Korean used cars, please contact me anytime.

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