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Gombella Integrated Services Ltd.

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Supplier From Nigeria

Type: Briquettes
Shape: oval-shaped briquette
Ash content: 6.76% max.
Moisture: 3.74% max.
Volatile matter: 20%max.
Fixed carbon: 70% min.
Calorific value : 19,065KJ/kg
Feed material: Palm Kernel Shells

Raw Cashew Nuts

Origin: Nigeria
Type: Cashew Nut
Processing Type: Raw in shells
Cultivation: Organic
Style: Dried
Grade: A
Defective: 5%
Foreign Matter: 0.5%,
Certification: SGS or other,
out-Turn: 48 lbs
Moisture Content: 5%
Count: 180-220 pcs

Dried Hibiscus Flower

Origin: Nigeria
Grade: A
Type: Dried flower
Color: Dark red
Form: Raw material
Moisture: < 9%
Admixture: < 2%


Origin: Nigeria Type: Garlic
Color: Off-white
Flavor: Strong garlic
Aroma: Fresh garlic
Appearance: Whole cloves
Small : Evenly sized bulbs 50 55 mm diameter
Medium : Evenly sized bulbs 55 65 mm diameter
Large : Evenly sized bulbs > 65 mm diameter
Characteristic features:
Garlic has Similar varietal characteristics Mature and well cured. Cloves are Compactâ?�. Cloves are Well filled and fairly plump


Dried Split Ginger Root
Origin: Nigeria
Type: Dried Split Ginger
Color: Natural
Grade: A

Clean, No rot, No pests, Spicy flavor, Long Shelf life
Moisture < 8%
Oil content < 2%

Yellow Maize

Moisture: 10% to 11% max
Oil / Total Fat: 1.00 % max
Protein: 46% to 48%
Crude Fibre: 6.00 % to 7.00% max
Sand/Silica: 2.00 % to 2.50% max
Urease activity
Pack 25kg/bag
(by pH difference): 30 units on EEC method

Palm Kernel Cake


Moisture : 12%max

Energy : 1500 kCal/kg

PRO-FAT : 21%min

Protein : 14% min

Fat : 6% - 8%

Fibre : 18% max

Aflatoxine : <50ppb

Packaging Details : 15kg, 20kg, 25 kg & 50 kg pp bags and as per buyer demand


Origin: Nigeria
Cultivation type: Common
Style: Dried
Size: 50/60, 60/70
Moisture: 8% max.
Imperfect: 3% max.
Foreign matter: 0.5% max.
Afflatoxin: < 4ppd
Packing: PP Bags

Palm Kernel Shells

Palm kernel shells (PKS) are the shell fractions left after the nut has been removed after crushing in the Palm Oil mill. Kernel shells are a fibrous material and can be easily handled in bulk directly from the product line to the end use. We have capacity.

Cassia Tora Seeds

Introducing the finest Cassia Tora seeds sourced directly from Nigeria, exclusively by Gombella Integrated Services Limited. Our premium product boasts impeccable specifications, with granules shaped to perfection, a rich brown hue, and a size exceeding 3 mm. Meticulously processed to maintain a moisture content below 9%, these seeds are a testament to quality. We guarantee purity with minimal admixture, ensuring that manufacturers receive nothing short of excellence. Elevate your production processes with the reliability of Nigerian-origin Cassia Tora seeds, a cornerstone of Gombella's commitment to delivering top-tier agricultural products for your manufacturing needs.

Origin: Nigeria
Shape: Granule
Color: Brown
Size >3 mm
Moisture < 9%


Shea Butter (Organic)

FFA: <3%
Moisture: <1%
Iodine value: 62.1/100g
Saponification value: 179mg KHO/g
Melting point: 35-45C
Flash point: >250C
Solubility: insoluble in water

Origin: Nigeria
Type: Butter (ORGANIC)
Form: Solid
Grade: A
Color: Cream yellow
Odor: Nutty aroma
No chemicals, No Detergents

Tiger Nuts (Chufas)

Type: Edible Nuts
Processing Type: Raw
Cultivation: Organic
Style: Dried
Origin: Nigeria.
Packing: 50kg, 25kg bag or buyers requirement.

Hardwood Charcoal

Detailed Product Description

Charcoal Grade/Size:

Industrial: 1mm-25mm

Barbeque: 20mm-80mm

Restaurant: 40mm & ABOVE.

No sparking, Produces White Ash, Easily ignited, Smokeless and Odorless and long ignition hours.

Our charcoal specifications:

Moisture content - 3% - 8%

Ash content - 1% - 4%

Volatile matter - Max. 15%

Fixed Carbon - Min. 75%


PRICES differ according to packaging method used and according to the Charcoal size- Bulk delivery into container or delivery in bags like the 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 30KG PP Bags.

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