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The export volumes of Uganda fresh produce to the international market are growing from year to year. Our country has won the position of a leading player among foreign competitors. Before shipment, domestic fresh produce undergoes thorough quality control on port of dispatch and after delivery it is checked on the buyer's side.
The geography of Uganda fresh produce exports is quite large - from Africa to the countries of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Uganda is a natural land with a unique soil composition, enriched with a large amount of organic matter. It forms over thousands of years in certain regions under the influence of special climatic conditions. That is why Ugandan agro produce is of the highest quality and is appreciated all over the world.

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We will start exporting natural bee honey at the beginning of June
The origin of the honey bee we sell is only produced from tropical forests. The process of preparation and production of honey bee is by apiculture.
We have this product virtually available all over Uganda as many local communities have perfected the technology of honey production. The main production center is in Lira northern Uganda.
With our experience, we ensure the international standards for export are met on the parameters like low moisture content, color aroma and taste. All the time we strive to meet customer specification. Some of our customers use their local agents to inspect here when we are loading. Others sometimes request for presentation of sample of the product before shipment.
Packaging of honey is usually done in bulk packaging however, some customers prefer it in 6kgs, 12kgs and 24kgs of jerry canes.

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Contact Person: Paul Rukwira Mbareba Designation: Operations Manager
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