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Kls Wholesale Trading Ltd.

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Kls Wholesale Trading Ltd. deals in Sunflower oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, vegetable oils, essential oils, carrier oils, Shea butter, plants and vegetable powders, food grade chemicals, industrial grade chemicals, chemicals, food grade chemicals, industrial chemicals, cosmetic raw materials, soap making materials, aromatic chemicals, crude glycerine, glycerine. food chemicals, industrial chemicals. Urea 46% Fertilizer, urea fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, urea 46% fertilizer,

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We also supply Nuts Seeds & Grains, Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils And Related Products, Plants And Vegetable Powders, Food Grade chemicals, Industrial Grade Chemicals, Animal Feeds, Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, Fruit Juices, Juice Concentrates, Fruit Purees, IQF Products, Canned Fruits, A4 Copy Papers, Copy paper, Scrap Metals, copper scraps, Icumsa 45 White Sugar, Vanilla Beans Powder, Coconut Sugar, Full Cream Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Almond Flour, Wheat Flour, Icumsa 45 White Sugar, White Beeswax, Yellow Beeswax, Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans, Roasted Robusta Coffee Beans, Krill Oil, Krill Powder, Krill Meal, Premium Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Beans Powder, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Flakes, Coconut Flour, Ox Gallstones, Pure Bee Honey, Acacia Honey, Manuka Honey, Dried Seahorse , Dried Sea cucumber, Dried Beef Tallow, Coconut Milk Powder, Tapioca Powder, Almond Milk Powder. Urea 46% Fertilizer, urea fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, urea 46% fertilizer,

With us Customer's satisfaction is 100%.

Annual Sales And Certifications

Established: 2011
Approximate Annual Sales: 250,000 to 1 million USD

Dealing In Products And Services

Our Primary Business: Retailer

Buyer : Tractors, farm tractors, combine harvesters, combine headers, harvesting headers, tillage equipment's, tillage machinery.

Supplier : Nuts seeds & grains, vegetable oils, essential oils and related products, plants and vegetable powders, food grade chemicals, industrial grade chemicals, urea 46% fertilizer, urea fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, urea 46% fertilizer, animal feeds, fresh fruits, dry fruits, fruit juices, juice concentrates, fruit purees, iqf products, canned fruits, a4 copy papers, copy paper, scrap metals, copper scraps, icumsa 45 white sugar, vanilla beans powder, coconut sugar, full cream milk powder, skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, almond flour, wheat flour, icumsa 45 white sugar, white beeswax, yellow beeswax, roasted arabica coffee beans, roasted robusta coffee beans, krill oil, krill powder, krill meal, premium madagascar vanilla beans, vanilla beans powder, coconut sugar, coconut flakes, coconut flour, ox gallstones, pure bee honey, acacia honey, manuka honey, dried seahorse , dried sea cucumber, dried beef tallow, coconut milk powder, tapioca powder, almond milk powder,

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The Old Barn Star Road, Cotton, Oakamoor, Staffordshire
Oakamoor St10 3Dw
Staffordshire United Kingdom

Contact Person: Lomas Kevin Designation: Director
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