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Hirachem DWC LLC

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Supplier From United Arab Emirates

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Established In Yearr 2018 , Hira Chem Is Your Competent And Reliable Chemical Supplier.
Working Closely With Our Customers We Deliver Products And Solutions That Create Value And Competitive Advantage. Collectively, Our Efforts Have Lasting Results, Creating Higher Performance For Our Customers. Hirachem Is A Specialist Global Industrial Chemical Distribution Company.

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We are reputed exporter of 99.99% Silver Liquid Mercury.
Product Details
Appearance Silver metallic liquid Mercury
Molecular Weight 200.59
Molecular Formula Hg
Melting Point. 38.87 deg C
Boiling Point 356.6 A�??�?�° C(lit. )
Solubility Insoluble in water
Purity 99.99%
Odor Odorless
Vapor Pressure 0.002 mm Hg @ 25C
Vapor Density 7.0
Virgin Silver Liquid Mercury 34.5 kg/ flask.
Properties :
* Free from heavy metals
* Freezing/Melting Point - (-38.87 dig C)
* Viscosity - 15.5 mP @ 25 dig C
* Ignited residue volume - 0.001%
* Impurity Fe= 0.00004%; Other heavy metals (Pb) - 0.00004%�??�?� 
* Specific Gravity/Density - 13.59 (water=1)

Exporter of CL 60 , 6 x 12 mm , 500 kg and 25 kg packing, Gold grade Activated Carbon.

Annual Sales And Certifications

Established: 2018
Approximate Annual Sales: 5 million to 15 million USD

Dealing In Products And Services

Our Primary Business: Dealer / Reseller

Supplier : Silver liquid mercury, activated carbon,sodium hydroxide

Services : Exporter

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Hirachem Dwc Llc
Po Box 712273, Dubai World Central
Dubai South, Uae
United Arab Emirates

Contact Person: Shailendra Kakar Designation: Vice President
Phone: Not displayed by user.

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