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A. Laskar Seeds

Member From India
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Supplier : All kind of fresh vegetables (capsicum, tomato, potato, green banana, green jack, lady's fingers, greens, radish, green pea, kohlrabi, plantin flowers, cabbage, cauliflower, beat, fig, parbal, drumsticks, aquatic herb, arum, squash, green beans, carrots, green chilli, beans, basil, brinjal, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, papaw, onions, coriander leaf, spinach, green crop, garlic, ginger, turmeric, wood apple, green coconut, plum, hog plum, cassia, soyabeans, almond, gram, pulse, lentil, sunflower, pea, dry turmeric, dry chilli, dry coriander, greengram, finngreek, sesame, mustard, tamarind, moringa powder, cottan cake, mustard cake, maize for feed, emblic myrobalan, organic pheromone lure, seed link tray, mulching paper, 50 50 net, alam, bleaching powder, all type of vegetables seeds & margosa seeds done hear

Contact Details:
Moynagadi, P. O-Noapara, P.s-Duttapukur, Distrit-24Pgs(N)
Aminpur, P. O-Sondalia, P. S-Sasan, District -24Pgs(N), Pin -743423
Kolkata 700125
West Bengal India

Supplier Of Serving Trays   Mosquito Nets   Networking & Internet Peripherals   Earphones/Headphone   Automobile Jacks   Packaging Drums & Barrels   Paper Products   Animal & Cattle Feed   Seafood   Fresh Sea Cucumber   Sesame Seeds   Sunflower Seed   Mustard Seeds   Beans   Soybean   Coriander Seeds   Moringa Seeds   Spices   Cumin Seeds   Tamarind Seed   Pepper   Cardamom, Cinnamon   Bay Leaf   Coriander Seeds   Curry Leaves   Red Chilli   Star Anise   Turmeric   Chilli Powder   Coriander Powder   Turmeric Powder   Rice   Basmati Rice   Organic Rice   Other Type Of Rice   Pulses   Grams   Lentils   Chickpeas   Kidney Beans   Maize   Corn   Beet Sugar   Peas   Vegetables   Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Potato   Fresh Vegetables   Fresh Bitter Gourd   Fresh Brinjal   Fresh Cabbage   Fresh Capsicum   Fresh Carrot   Fresh Cucumber   Fresh Garlic   Fresh Ginger   Fresh Green Chilli   Fresh Green Peas   Fresh Lady Finger   Fresh Lemon   Fresh Onion   Fresh Potato   Fresh Tomato   Other Fresh Vegetables   Fresh Broccoli   Fresh Cauliflower   Fresh Drumsticks   Fresh Pumpkin   Fresh Radish   Dry Fruits & Nuts   Almonds   Apricot   Figs   Fruits   Apple, Banana, Orange, Mango, Grape   Avocado   Fresh Fruits   Apple   Banana   Grapes   Mango   Orange   Papaya   Peach   Pear   Pineapple   Plum   Pomegranate   Watermelon   Other Fresh Fruits   Berries   Goji Berry   Coconut   Coconut By-Products   Vegetable Seeds   Pumpkin Seeds   Organic Fertilizers   Fresh Flowers   Fresh Cut Flowers   Herbs   Basil Leaf   Parsley   Tea   Green Tea   Coffee   Coffee Beans   Green Coffee   Sunflower Oil   Mustard Oil   Coconut Oil   Sesame Oil   Cake   De Oil Cakes   Mustard Seed Oil Cake   Herbal Products   Surveillance Equipments

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