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What is go4DealMakr

  • Work with a dedicated trade specialist who will search local as well as international buyers & manufacturers/suppliers for you.
  • Absolutely free.
  • Be assured of payment protection when you use our go4PayProtect service to make and receive payments
  • This service is only available to verified Gold Members.

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Who can use go4DealMakr

  • This service is currently open to our Verified Gold Members who are either manufacturers or suppliers with strong and close ties with manufacturers of various products and commodities worldwide.

What is go4PayProtect

go4WorldBusiness can even provide buyers with payment protection via our escrow services. This service is only available for transactions done within India.

We now offer buyers with ultimate peace of mind via our go4PayProtect service for transactions done within India.

If you pay for transaction using go4PayProtect, you can rest assured that your payment will lie securely and safely in an escrow account till you receive your goods and are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Once you inspect the goods at your port, you can authorise the payment to be released to the seller. If for some reason, during inspection, the product fails to comply with agreed upon quantity and quality parameters as agreed between you and seller, you can reject the shipment and get your money back.

How does go4PayProtect work

Buyer and Seller
agree to terms
Buyer pays using
Seller ships
merchandise to buyer
Buyer accepts
pays seller

go4DealMakr client speak

Thank you Bindu Rajwar and Deepak Kumar for your excellent support in giving me and my company the very good professional advise on the deal maker service. Which I appreciate very much. By your guidance my business has further increased.

- Berti General Trading LLC
(Cedric Clutton)

Hi, I'm Md Kabir Hossin. As I'm into Export-Import trading, I'm always looking for new buyers & suppliers. The support I got from Go4worldbusiness is excellent, especially from the dealmakr service. I've got various ideas of doing business and have gained experience through this B2B platform, for this I'm really thankful to Go4worldbusiness. I would be happy to stay connected with go4WorldBusiness for many more years to come.

- Sanbir Embroidary House.
(Kabir Hossin)

As a member with go4WorldBusiness for 2 years, I am very glad about continuous service and support offered by their team. go4WorldBusiness does bring the genuine global requirements in one place, and their go4DealMakr product is an essential part of our business today as it channelises the trust with buyers.

- Weagle Impex
(Dr. Ravi Bavaria)

When I started my business I registered my account in many web sites like go4WorldBusiness, TradeIndia, IndiaMart, etc. But honestly speaking, to work with go4WorldBusiness is different as compared to other web sites. go4WorldBusiness support me lots and they co-operate with me very well. Specially they gave me an operator who has done a great job in my dealings. I'm very happy to work with go4WorldBusiness.

- United Minechem Limited
(Naim Khan)

We would like to give our feedback about dealmaker service from We have been using this service from 2019 and we are happy with the services provided by And most of our deals handled by Ms Bindu, she is very co-operative and having lot of patience to complete the deals from suppliers as well buyers, we are getting good deals from her We would like to thank to and specially to Ms Bindu.

- S L V Exports and Imports Pvt Ltd.
(Srikrishna Reddy Hosuru)

We had excellent support through Dealmakr service by go4WorldBusiness, which is proving to be a best platform for our business promotions and development activities. We worked with Ms. Bindu and got very prompt and supportive services in finding best sellers and buyers and thereby successfully completed our business deals. With the highly engaging and accurate services, we are able to win buyer's confidence through Dealmakr. We would like to thank go4WorldBusiness for this amazing service

- Andriya Shipping

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