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Wanted : Auto Spare Parts And Ac Parts

Buyer From Pakistan
Dear Exporters,

We are interested in importing the below mentioned auto spare parts and AC parts :

Description of Auto Spare Parts - Description of AC Parts
Receiver Driers Ac Switch Cultus
R Drier 3/8 Flare Steel Ac Switch Margalla
R Drier 3/8 Oring Alu. Ac Switch Mehran Euro
R Drier 3/8 Oring Steel Ac Switch Mehran ND
R Drier 5/16 Oring Steel Ac Switch Mehran SD
R Drier Honda 94 Ac Switch Santro
R Drier Honda 98 Ac Switch Universal
R Drier Lancer 2004 Ac Switch Vigo
R Drier New City
R Drier Santro
R Drier Suz Alto SD, Cultus
R Drier TL R12 7"
R Drier TL R134a 7"
R Drier TL R134a 8" Cooling Coils
R Drier TS R134a 6" C Coil Corolla 04
Disch Hose 10mm C Coil Corolla 10
Suct Hose 13mm C Coil Honda City 04
Liq. Hose 10mm C Coil Vitz
Evap Hang 405 12V C Coil Mehran R134a
Evap Hang 228-100 12V Evap A4
Evap Hang 228-100 24V Evap A6
FAN 10"-12v C Coil Cultus ND
FAN 12"-12v C Coil Hiace Rear PACO

Condensers Compressors
Cond 12x23x26 Comp SD 505 12V 2A
Cond 12x23x32 Comp SD 507 12V 2A
Cond 14x15x26 Comp SD 507 12V 7pk
Cond 14x15x26 R134a Comp SD 508 12V 2A
Cond 14x18x26 Comp SD 508 12V 8pk
Cond 14x21x26
Cond 14x23x26 HI Low Pressure Switch
Cond Cuore H L P Switch Corolla 2004
Cond Honda City 2004 H L P Switch Corolla 2010
Cond Honda City 2010 H L P Switch Suz R134a
Cond Honda City 98 H L P Switch Honda R134a
Cond Honda Civic 02
Cond Honda Civic 94
Cond Honda Civic 98
Cond Honda CL9
Cond Honda Reborn Expansion Valves
Cond MB 100
Cond Santro Exp Valve 5/16 Oring
Cond Suz Alto 1000cc Exp Valve 3/8 Oring
Cond Suz APV Exp Valve 3/8 Flare
Cond Suz Cultus Denso Exp Valve Corolla R134a SD
Cond Suz Cultus SD Block Valve Corolla New
Cond Suz Liana Block Valve Honda New
Cond Suz Swift Block Valve Corolla 98
Cond Toy Hiace 04
Cond Vitz 2002
Cond Vitz 2004
CONDENSER Corolla 04
CONDENSER Corolla 2010

Quantity Required : 1 FCL

Shipping Terms : CNF

Destination Port : Karachi - Pakistan

Payment Terms : L/C

Looking for Suppliers from : Worldwide


Contact : A*****

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