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Wanted : Blood Bags

Buyer From India

We are sourcing blood bags for Tanzania, East Africa from very good
manufacturers from any country.

The following kind of blood bags are as:
1. Triple Blood Bags – CPDA 1
- Its mother bag suitable for collection and preservation of 450mls of whole blood.
- Made of high quality transparent medical grade PVC film for accurate and easy blood monitoring during collection and transfusion, and is completely safety.
- Rounded shape to minimize the loss of blood components and ensures easy mixture of anticoagulant and blood during separation and transfusion.
- Should have integrated ultra-thin wall 16G sharp pointed needle for smooth and comfortable venepuncture.
- Bags must have transparent strong break-off needle cover to prevent re-use of the bag and can be replaced onto the hub, which prevents the needle from injuring the operator. Its high transparency also facilitates easy inspection of the needlepoint.
- Bags must have convenient hanger slits and holes are provided for using during Blood collection and transfusion, it also allows easy suspension of bag in vertical position.
- Tamper proof, safe and easy to open twist-off or tear-off outlet ports must be present for connecting to blood transfusion sets or other systems and provided to avoid contamination and reuse of the bag.

2. Pediatric blood bags:
- Sterile disposable set of 4 interconnected transfer packs with capacity of 100mls designed for use in dividing a unit of blood or blood component into 4 pediatric size aliquots.
- Should be compatible with sterile tube welding technology (consider size of tubing) to fit TERUMO welding machine.
- The bags must be marked Sterile, Non-toxic and Non-Pyrogenic and ‘DAMU HAIUZWI’ (NOT FOR SALE).
- Bags must have soft and flexible kink resistant tubing with unique identification numbers at intervals of 50 mm or 100mm for cross-matching and identification etc.
- Made of high quality transparent medical grade PVC film for easy blood transfusion monitoring and is completely safety.
- Bags must have high quality labels which are difficult to peel off and convenient to write on. Data on the label must also be easily recognized.
- Expiration date not less than two years.

Packaging terms as:
Blood bags Tripple 450 mls : Pack of 5 X 2754
Paediatric Blood bag, set of 4 satellite bags : Pack of 4 X 3443.

The payment will be made through L/C.

Suppliers can quote us their best CIF Dar Es Salaam.


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