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Wanted : Power Supply Components

Buyer From India
Dear Sir,

We require power supply components with specifications:

Mains Voltage - 120 or 240 volts, 50 - 60 Hz, single phase.
Output Voltage - 1100 - 2000 Volts DC, adjustable, and regulated against load or mains voltage changes.
Output Current - 50 - 750 mA -DC.
Out put Watts - 1125 maximum.
Duty Cycle - Continuous Duty.
Soft Start Ramp-Up to full output voltage approximately 3 seconds after power on command.
Output Short Circuit Protection - Adjustable, normally set to 1 Ampere; shutdown within 10 microseconds of fault event.
Switching Transistor Overcurrent Protection - Adjustable, 5 - 15 Amperes; shutdown within 10 microseconds of fault event.
Protected Manual Overload Reset circuit prevents accidental destruction of switching transistors due to operator error.
Output Voltage Regulation measured at 1500 volts output with a load change from 25% to 100% is 0.13%.
Output Transient Voltage drop measured at 2000 volts output with a load change from 25% to 100% is 2 volts.
Transient Recovery Time with a load change from 25% to 100% is approximately 200 microseconds.
Residual noise measured above 120 Hz is less than 250 millivolts at any load between 25% to 100%. (0.017% noise.)
Residual 60 and 120 Hz ripple measured with a constant load anywhere between 25% to 100% load is less than 2 volts peak-to-peak.

All exporter who are supplying the components please contact with their offers.

Contact : A*****

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