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Wanted : Pumpkin Seeds Kernels, Watermelon Seeds Kernels

Buyer From Sweden
Dear Sir,

We need pumpkin seeds kernels, watermelon seeds kernels, sunflower seeds kernels, almond kernels, peanut kernels or just any of these products which you can provide us with, and all transported to Iran. The quantity for every each of the nuts and the seeds kernels we need are according to the below:
1. Sunflower 23,000 kg
2. Watermelon 10,000 kg
3. Pumpkin 7,000 kg
4. Peanut 17,000 kg
5. Almond 4,000 k

If you can provide us with any of the products in above, then kindly answer these questions:

1. Can you provide us with pumpkin, watermelon, sunflower seeds kernels, almond kernels and peanut kernels or any of these products?
2. How much is the content and percentage of humidity and wet in the seeds and the nuts kernels?
3. How about the range of the seeds and the nuts kernels in terms of quality?
4. How much is the content and percentage of fat in those seeds and nuts kernels?
5. How much is the content and percentage of other nuts or kernels or even thing like little stones and like that, which doesn't belong in a certain seed or nut?
6. How much is the content and percentage of broken seeds and nuts kernels, or the seeds and nuts kernels which are not whole and complete?
7. What are the exact colors of the seeds and nuts kernels, since the color seem to be very important?
8. Can you also provide us with nuts kernels and seeds kernels which been under process and been treated to?
9. What kind of health certification do you have?
10. How much time those it take for you to arrange the delivery?
11. How and what about the packaging?
12. How much will be the CIF price to Bandar Abbas in Iran?
13. What are the terms of payment, do you work with LC bank payment system as well?

I hope that I whould have your answer about the questions above very clear and very soon, so I can hopfully come back to you with more informations,
thank you.

With regards:

Contact :
Mohammad-reza Raoufinia

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