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Wanted : Carbon Steel Pipes

Buyer From Syrian Arab Republic
We are looking for carbon steel pipes :
1 û Scope Of Work:
Contractor shall supply welded pipes according, but not limited to the following conditions: All ERW welded pipes should be manufactured according to API 5L sour services. 1-1 Product specification level: according to API PSL 2 latest edition. 1-2 Product analysis: one pipe per heat of steel shall be analyzed; the carbon equivalent shall not exceed 0.43 %. And chemical composition according to API 5L. PSL 2. 1-3 All pipes should be new and unused. 1-4 Hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) test, sulfide stress cracking SSC test, should be performed and material shall be accepted. 1-5 Material: semi-killed steel or silicon killed steel. 1-6 Welding seam processes: without filler metal. 1-7 Welded Pipes shall have single longitudinal seam only. 1-8 Seam weld: each pipe seam shall be 100% NDT inspected according to API 5L. 1-9 Pipe materials shall be resistance to sour service environment and comply with NACE Standard MR.01-75 latest rev, and recommendations and related ASME publication. 1-10Hydrostatic test: required acc. to Para (5.4). 1-11 The hardness at any point of pipes shall not exceed the 22HRC. As defined in ASTM Standard A370, mechanical testing of steel products. 1-12 Tolerance of dimensions, wall thickness weight, and Out of Roundness shall be according to API 5L. 1-13 Length of pipes shall be double random. Length Tolerance between (9 û 12) m. 95% Of quantity as minimum, shall have Length between 11 and 12 m. 1-14 Heat treatment process: each pipe shall be heat treated for seam weld and entire HAZ of pipe according to API 5L requirements. 1-15 All pipes beveled end according to API 5L. 1-16 Repair by welding, see Para (6.1). 1-17All pipe ends should be protected by rubber or steel cups. 1-18 Each pipe shall have external three layers polyethylene shop coated (Epoxy Primer with minimum thickness 500 micron, adhesion layer, black polyethylene layer with minimum thickness 2.5 mm). (Density of polyethylene shall be at least 950 kg/m3), the material used should be resistance to (abrasion, hydrocarbons, salt and tap water, acids and alkalis, alcohol, fungi and bacteria) Insulation resistance 20000 (ohm/m¦), Operating temperature range (-10 ˜ 70) ˚c. 1-19The pipes surfaces shall be : * Clean and free from dust, oil and grease prior blasting. * Surfaces shall be appearance to meet SA 2.5. The surface profile shall be 40 - 75 microns (peak to trough). 1-20 The pipe ends exterior shall be coated with an anti-corrosive varnish or lacquer and shall be bare from (black polyethylene coating layer) over a length of 140 mm ¦ 10 mm, the polyethylene coating layer shall be chamfered to an angle 15-20 deg. 1-21 Seam marking: Each pipe shall have the marking of seam place by white arrow paint on outside surface at the two ends of each pipe.

Contact :
Dr. Eng. Adli Dirhali

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