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Wanted : Disposable Syringes

Buyer From Singapore
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a medical company based in Singapore currently getting our syringe supplies from Zhejiang Quzhou. Due to bad support from our manufactuer in China. We are now urgently looking for another syringe maker company who can fulfil our orders asap. Below are a few criterias, if you are able to solve my problem quickly. We will maintain a long-term business relationship with you. Our packaging is Peel packaging with our syringe design and company logo. We will pay mould fee of not more than $50USD per artwork. Our method of ordering is that we will place an blanket order of 1year and divide it to ship in Singapore at 3 intervals, this is because the rental of space in Singapore is very expensive and thus we do not wish to hold too much stock as this will add alot to our operating cost. Our current order forecast for a year is estimated at the below quantity. However if your products can meet our price and quality standards, we assure you that the quantity will grow bigger and explore to other clinical medical products and will import more as time goes by. The needles must be specifically from either Misawa corporation or KDL. You may contact these needles maker and fit their needles to your syringes and sell it to us, but in our design packing.

The below order is yours immediately if you are able to fulfil my criterias above:

SLIP TIP - 1ML SYRINGE 27G X 5/8" (normal needle) 100boxes $2.30USD per box.
SLIP TIP - 3ML SYRINGE 23G X 1 1/4" (misawa or kdl needle) 800boxes $2.80USD per box.
LUER LOCK - 3ML SYRINGE 23G x 1 1/4" (misawa or kdl needle) 400boxes $2.90USD per box.
LUER LOCK - 3mL SYRINGE w/o needle (need cap on the syringe) 400boxes $1.90USD per box.
LUER LOCK - 5ML SYRINGE w/o needle 160boxes $1.90USD per box.
SLIP TIP - 5ML SYRINGE w/o needle 80boxes $1.80USD per box.
LUER LOCK - 10ML SYRINGE w/o needle 1200boxes $3.00USD per box.
NEEDLES ONLY - 27G X 1/2" (misawa or kdl needle) $2.00USD per box.

If your prices is within this range and can fulfil our requirements. We will most glady T/T to you in advanced our first order of 30% from the above mentioned quantity and ship out the goods immediately. Suppliers are to quote FOB shanghai and CIF singapore based on USD and provide all relevant certifications of ISO13485 for manufacture of medical disposable products and also the Gmbh Ce0197 marking etc, all relevant certifications. Thank you very much for your help!

Elson Siah

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