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Date Posted

Telephone coil cord
We can supply various kinds of telephone coil cords.

Wholesale Supplier of Telephone coil cord: Xiamen Ever-precise Electronics Co Ltd
03 Mar 2010

PC recording
Recording telephone.

Wholesale Supplier of PC recording: Xiamen Youthnet Co., Ltd.
01 Aug 2009

Cat5 utp cable
24 AWG solid bare copper conductors, non-plenum, Polyolefin insulation, twisted pairs, rip cord, see color code chart, PVC jacket

Wholesale Supplier of Cat5 utp cable: Hangzhou New Asia International Co., Ltd
27 Aug 2007

Telephone cable
Pe insulated &pvc jacketed telephone cord

Wholesale Supplier of Telephone cable: Hangzhou Baichuan Cable Co., Ltd
31 May 2007

Shenzhen Apkte Network Cable Co., Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Network cable:products including the utp, ftp and stp cat5, cat5e and cat6 network cables, telephone cable, patch cord and coaxial cables

26 Dec 2007

Caledonian Cables Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Coaxial cable: RG56, RG6, RG59U, RG6U, RG174, DATA CABLE: CAT3, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, UTP, STP, SFTP, FTP, solid cable, bulk cable, patch cable, patch cord, telephone cable: multi pair cable, tel cable, power cable: bs6004, swa cable, armored cable control cable, instrumentation cable, fiber optic cable

30 Oct 2007

Pentagonn India
Wholesale Supplier of: Cat- 5, cat- 6, wire, telephone line cord, coil cord, pair cable, telephone exchange items, dp box, modules, krone tool, rossette box, buzzers & ringers, connectors, sockets, jacks & all types of wiring accessoriess (rj-11, rj-45), all type of patch cord

04 Jul 2007

Sgh Electric Cable & Wire Co. Ltd.
Wholesale Supplier of: Copper wire power wires & cables communication cable, pvc & rubber insulate power wire & cable, coaxial cable, tin coated copper wire, building wire & cable, curl cordially, control wire & cable, telephone drop wire, flexible cords, intercom cable, shipboard cable, automobile, audio & video cords

15 Jun 2007
Hong Kong

Subsidiary Of Enzer Corporation Ltd
Wholesale Supplier of: Corded - cordless telephones, dect telephones, portable - desktop VCD players, portable CD players, desktop DVD players, desktop super VCD players, MP3 - MP4 player

18 Oct 2005

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