RFQ for : Green Petroleum Coke, posted by Importer from Thailand
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BUY : Green Petroleum Coke

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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
25 Jan 2013

Buy Lead Details

Dear Traders,

We look forward to purchase green petroleum coke with quantity 60,000 tons.

The shipping terms will be CNF to the Xiamen, China.

Our mode of payment will be L/C.

Looking for supplier from worldwide especially from Saudi Arabia and Canada.


Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):


COMPANY : Bixxxxxx Inxxxxxxxxxxx Co.. Ltx.
ADDRESS : 7xx/3x-3x Sox Prxxxxx, Srxxxxxxxx Rd..
Suxxxxxxx, Suxxxxxxx, Baxxxxx, Thxxxxxx 1xxxx
PHONE : 6x-0x-7xxxxxx
CELL : 6x-8xxxxxxxx
EMAIL : bxxxxxxxxxxx@hxxxxxx.cxx


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Wholesale demand for : Petroleum Coke (RFQ / Buylead from China)
15 Jan 2013
Dear Exporters,

We would like to import petroleum coke.

Shipping Term : CIF

Destination Port : China

Payment Mode : T/T

Looking for supplier from : Worldwide


Contact : Y***   

Wholesale demand for : Green Petroleum Coke (RFQ / Buylead from Thailand)
16 Nov 2012

We would like to contact suppliers from Saudi Arabia and Canada for green petroleum coke.

Our requirement is about of 60,000 tons.

The port of discharge will be Xiamen, China.

The payment will be made by L/C.

Suppliers can contact us with their CNF offer prices.


Contact : Y*****   

Wholesale demand for : Green Pet Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
29 Oct 2012
Dear Sir,

We require 20,000 MT green pet coke per month and packed this in 1000 kg bag.

Shipping will be depend on CIF Bangalore.

The payment will be via L/C.


Contact : MGK M****   

29 Oct 2012

We need to buy petroleum coke and raw material for bitumen like vacuum tower residual, base oil, heavy oil, drilling mud, waste oil, sluge & slop, transmix oil and aromatic.

Shipping Terms : CIF

Destination Port : China

Payment Terms : L/C Or TT

Suppliers from all over the globe can contact us for more details.

Contact : Hu******   

Wholesale demand for : Green Petro Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
18 Oct 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to contact suppliers from all over the world for green petro coke with quantity needed as 10,000 tons.

Shipping will be as CIF and payment will be made through L/C at sight.

The delivery port will be China.

Please contact us ASAP.


Contact : MGK M****   

Wholesale demand for : Metallurgical Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
20 Sep 2012
Dear Sir,

We would like to buy metallurgical coke with details as follows :

Quantity Required : 150 Ton

Destination Port : Rajnand Gaon, Chhattisgarh

Payment Mode : L/C or Cheque

Looking for suppliers from : India


Contact : Rahu*****   

27 Aug 2012
Dear Suppliers,

I have a need to import low ash metallurgical coke from worldwide suppliers.

Our requirement is about 100-200 MT on FOB/CIF shipping basis.

Delivery is required at Kuwait.

The payment will be made by L/C.


Contact : Muhamm*********   

Wholesale demand for : Met Coke (RFQ / Buylead from Australia)
25 Aug 2012
Dear Sir,

We have a need to import met coke in about 5000MT of quantity.

The shipping is required to be done through FOB Terms at the Indian port.

We want to make the payment via L/C.

Australian suppliers can send us their best price quotes.


Contact : Arvi****   

23 Aug 2012
Dear Sir,

I am looking forward to import low ash metallurgical coke with specs as :

Fixed carbon - 80% +/- 1%
VM - 2%
Ash - 18%
Moisture -5%
size - 5-15 MM

Our monthly requirement is of 5000 MT.

Interested suppliers from all around the globe can send us their best price quotes.

Contact : Arvi****   

Wholesale demand for : Metallurgical Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
30 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We are having requirement of metallurgical coke 0 to 6mm fixed carbon 65%-70%. Please send your lowest price for CIF Chennai Port India. We are awaiting for your reply.

Contact : R******   

Wholesale demand for : Pet Coke (RFQ / Buylead from United Arab Emirates)
21 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We wish to contact suppliers from worldwide that can supply us around 50,000 ton per month pet coke.

The port of delivery is Djibouti port, Africa.

The payment will be made by L/C.

Please send us the CIF prices on our email id.


Contact : Bas*******   

28 Apr 2012
Dear Sir,

We are looking to buy pet coke from suppliers worldwide on regular basis. Our destination port is California(USA) and payment terms depends on the supplier.


Contact : J****   

28 Mar 2012

We want to buy coal and coke from Russian suppliers on regular basis. Please quote us best CIF price and payment will be done through L/C.

Destination port is in West Coast India.


Contact : V. N*****   

Wholesale demand for : JP54, D2, JA1, LNG, D6, Mazut (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
26 Mar 2012

We like to emphasize our buyers commitment, specially for the 3 highlighted products below. Kindly consider the products with volumes listed below and kindly provide your refineries' available refined products.

Please note that the buyer has every intention of meeting your principles in your Headquarters office after review and signature of your overall products FCO offering, in order to sign contracts and demonstrate BG/POF. We like bank to bank transactions, where POP can be sent via bank and buyers bank can respond appropriately.

We ask that you kindly give the following list your attention, so that we may receive your FCO for these products without delay.

1. *JA1: 1-5 mil bbls x 1-5 years FOB/CIF Rotterdam/Houston: VERY URGENT.
2. JP54: 5mil or more x 12 month FOB/CIF Rotterdam/Houston: 20% off Platt net to the buyer plus 2-5% commission
paid by seller. URGENT
3. *D2: 2mil MT x 12 months FOB/CIF Rotterdam/Houston: 20% off Platt net to the buyer plus 2% commission paid by seller. VERY URGENT
4. *LNG: 1-5 mil mtx25 to 30 yrs.
4. Mazut: 500k-1mil mtx12 month CIF China: around $400 or 20% off Platt. URGENT
5. D6: virgin for at least 52 weeks FOB/CIF Rotterdam/Houston. URGENT
6. Petcoke: any quantity
7. Urea: any quantity

*Buyer is also accepting of Spot offers with major procedures for D2 and JP54 for there major airlines and courier services clients they serve.

Until then gentlemen, I will remain

Very truly yours,

Contact : George L Rodriguez Sr   

24 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We are looking for fuel grade petroleum coke.

Quantity : 250000 MT Per annum in five shipments of 50000 mt each.

Payment Mode : Letter of credit.

Destination Port : Any Port West Coast India ( Navalakhi, Mormugao, Pipavav, Jaigarh ).

Shipping Term : CIF.

Suppliers from Russia & CIS countries can contact us.


Contact : V.N*****   

Wholesale demand for : Petroleum Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
23 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We are a manufacturing and trading group of companies since 1972. Presently the group turnover is $ 7 million. We are buyer mandate for fuel grade pet coke. The buyer have two big cement plants with captive power plants.

Yearly requirement of pet coke: 250000 mt in five shipments of 50000 mt each. First shipment in May 2012. Please quote lowest CIF price West Coast Indian port - Navlakhi port, or Mormugao port, or Pipavav port, or Jaigarh port.

Give specifications of pet coke and other details. Awaiting an early response.


Contact : V.N*****   

Wholesale demand for : Petro Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
15 Mar 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,

Please let us know the quotation of 1000 MT petro coke. The delivery is required in Haryana, India. The shipping terms are based on CIF. Suppliers please contact us ASAP.


Contact : Rakesh*****   

23 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

Our New York based business has a very active oil products commodity facilitation division and we have a number of very qualified buyers seeking legitimate sources for the following:

1) Virgin D6 (Houston, Rotterdam) spot and contract opportunities.

2) JP54 and Jet A1 (spot and contract). One of our buyers is a mid-sized U.S. airline in California.

3) SLCO and BLCO (spot and contract)

4) Petroleum coke (CIF contract only and NOT from Venezuela)

Please email SCOs and keep our email address on the active list for future offers.

Our buyers follow dip 'n pay procedures and on contracts typically follow major industry procedures = no games.

Best Regards

Contact : Richard******   

Wholesale demand for : Hard Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
21 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We are the regular buyer of hard coke ( foundry grade) with ash content 10%, fixed carbon : 90%, sulpher : 0.5%, moisture : 0.5%, size : 100mm to 200mm and anode scrap ( carbon black ) with fix carbon : 99% & ash content : 1%.

If someone is in position to supply regularly, please feel free to contact us alongwith CNF price to Khulna port, Bangladesh.

Payment Term : 70% will pay through l/c at sight & rest of will pay through T.T after receiving the fax copy of B/L.

Looking forward to hear a prompt reply.


Contact : Dipak*******   

Wholesale demand for : Fuel Grade Pet Coke (RFQ / Buylead from India)
20 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We have a bulk requirement of fuel grade pet coke.

Specifications are as follows :

1. Moisture : Not more than 10 %

2. Sulphur : Not more than 7 %

3. Calorific Value : Above 8000 cals/gm.

Quantity : Bulk shipments of 40,000 to 50,000 tons.

Payment Terms : CIF - Chennai / Tuticorin / Cuddalore Port - East Coast of India.

Mode of Payment : Irrevocable L/C.

Suppliers please contact ASAP.


Contact : R.Arun*******   




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