RFQ for : Coal, posted by Importer from India
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
20 Feb 2012

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir,

Please let us know whether suppliers can supply coal to India.

Quantity required is 50,000 tons and shipping terms are based on FOB, CNF basis.

Our destination port is Chennai and payment will be done through L/C.

Supplier from South Africa & Australia can contact us.


Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Prxxxx Shxxxx

COMPANY : Zex Mexxxxxxxxx
ADDRESS : 2xx, Srx Krxxxxx Rexxxxxxx, JJ Naxxx, L.No 5, T.Alxxx, ,
Sexxxxxxxxxx, Anxxxx Prxxxxx
PHONE : 9x-4x-4xxxxxxx FAX : 9x-4x-4xxxxxxx
EMAIL : pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@yxxxx.cxx


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Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from Kazakhstan)
27 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy coal on regular basis from suppliers worldwide. We donít want to deal with African suppliers. Please send us CIF price and the delivery is to be done on China port.

Payment will be done through L/C.


Contact : Nurgul*******   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
17 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We would like to buy one vessel of steam coal. We will make the payment by L/C. Suppliers can send us their best offers & prices on my email address.


Contact : Shahr***   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
28 Dec 2011

We want to import 40,000 tons of coal and we are looking for Indonesian coal suppliers. Request to have best CNF price and destination port is Vishakhapatnam.

Payment terms are based on 100% L/C at sight.


Contact : V*****   

Wholesale demand for : Steam Coal (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
26 Dec 2011

We need coal 6300, 6100. Real seller and end sellers that can deliver products to our destination origin Russia may email us soft offer and procedures of trade.

We can proceed further for long term business.

Contact : Irfan****   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
21 Dec 2011
Dear Sir,

We have a regular need for coal and we are looking to contact worldwide suppliers for our requirement. We require the delivery in Karnataka and payment will be made through L/C.


Contact : Vaith******   

19 Dec 2011
Dear Sir,

We would like to buy coal, coking coal, steam coal. We are interested in dealing with real producers and manufacturers and not with brokers.

All those who are interested in supplying different types of coal may send us the price and the specifications.


Contact : Mohamed******   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from China)
16 Dec 2011

We are the leading minerals buyer in China. Coal is our majorly demanded product. If suppliers can supply, please contact us.

Contact : Liu*******   

25 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking for worldwide suppliers for steam, anthracite coal and we have regular requirement. Payment will be made through L/C and please send us CIF price, China.


Contact : Sameer*********   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
24 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking for coal from Russia and Indonesia. Direct seller or direct to seller please contact on our mail id.


Contact : B****   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from China)
24 Nov 2011

We want to buy coal from Asia and Australia. Requirement is :

1. 800 000 mt/month
4800 kilocalorie/kg
Volatile 10%-21%
Total sulfur no more than or = 2.5%
Total water (5%-8%)

2. Thermal Coal 400 000 mt for the first time, description :
Should be on less volatile, less ash content, less moisture, heat productivity, less ash fusion point, less of sulfur coal.(%)

Please tell me coal data and price CIF China, thanks.


Contact : Wang****   

Wholesale demand for : Steam Coal (RFQ / Buylead from Canada)
24 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We want to know that if suppliers can supply us steam coal. Please advise bottom price and specification basis CIF China( Zhanjiang, Huangpu) to our email id.



Contact : S***   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
24 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We have a good client that is based in Southern India, this is what we are looking for:

Product : Thermal Coal
Origin : Indonesia
GCV : Average Kcal 6300
Specification : As per the specification and analysis provided for Indonesia
Content : Detail to receive
Quantity : 200,000 metric tons per month
Delivery : Min Vessel of 40,000 tons to maximum of 60,000 tons
Price : USD 103.50 per metric Ton CIF Chennai/Tuticorian Ports ( Net to Buyer agents and other administrative charges ?
Payment Terms : Back to back LC or Parting LC

Our client may increase the order over the next 12 months, also we would be in a position after the first 12 months if all goes well, to increase the time frame of the contract to a 4 year contract. If the amount of coal is too great at this stage we may look at a smaller order.

I will be meeting with our client on Sunday to discuss different options and suppliers, please send back to me an indication whether like to move forward with this proposal or not prior to then as our client want to make a discussion by Monday.


Contact : S*****   

Wholesale demand for : Vietnamese Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
21 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

We are interested in purchasing type B thermal steam coal with the following specifications:

Net calorific value 5300-5500
Moisture not more than 8%
Sulphur not to exceed 1%

The require quantity is 25,0000 MT per month. We want this deliver in Qingdao, China. Exporters please quote us the CIF & FOB prices.


Contact : Del****   

Wholesale demand for : Steam Coal (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
19 Nov 2011
Dear Suppliers,

I have a client that would like to purchase steam coal and they want 50,000mt x 12 with possible extensions coal perimeter is 6100-6300kcal.

Will you give me a price quote for FOB and CIF to Qingdao North China. Also this is a end buyer so there's no need for a commission allowance on buyers side in fact buyer is hoping for a good price because of large quantity and no commission required on their side. I hope you are able to help with this requirement and I hear from you soon.

Best regards

Contact : Sylvia******   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
17 Nov 2011

We want to import coal on the following terms :

Quantity Required : 100,000 tons/month
Shipping Terms : CIF
Destination Port : Chennai,
Payment Terms : L/C at sight

Suppliers from Indonesia may contact us.


Contact : Sunil******   

Wholesale demand for : Steam Coal (RFQ / Buylead from China)
22 Oct 2011

We require large quantity of steam coal 6300/6100rej on CIF South of China.

We are also looking forward to co-operate with mine-owner/s to ensure success on a long term basis.

Contact : O*****   

Wholesale demand for : A Grade Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
18 Oct 2011

We are a import company in India and we need (South Africa A grade coal). We are small importers, please give me a 25 tons USD rate to my company email.


Contact : Jeg*****   

Wholesale demand for : Thermal Coal (RFQ / Buylead from India)
17 Oct 2011

We want to represent in India, big and reputable producers of Indonesian thermal coal. We require bulk quantities in India. So we request suppliers to give us their quotation.

Contact : Sunil******   

Wholesale demand for : Steam Coal (RFQ / Buylead from Germany)
15 Oct 2011

We are in search of potential mining companies cum exporter who can offer high quality steam coal of minimum gross calorific value of 6100 kcal /kg for consumption in energy producing power plants and for the manufacturing industries in the cement and steel sectors.

Offers are needed only on FOB terms but need full and comprehensive background details such as , for example, whether loading done at the port direct on to vessel or the coal is hauled through barge and loaded on to vessel anchored outside the sea port, permissible vessel capacity , loading rate , distance of the mines to the port, logistic details if transport is done through rails or trucks and availability of rail wagons / fleets for timely movement of the coal to the port.

Offers will be accepted only from miners cum exporters having stockyard/ loading slot at the Port or documents showing ownership or lease of barges or rails or truck fleets and last but not least a letter from the bank confirming the annual turnover export volume done by the miner cum exporter for the past one year.

Offer must accompany either lab analysis report of the specification of the coal offered or SGS inspections certificates of past shipment to ascertain the quality grade of the steam coal.


Contact : M****   

Wholesale demand for : Coal (RFQ / Buylead from China)
29 Sep 2011

We intend to import coal, and we will be very glad if some qualified suppliers contact us. I hope we can receive detailed information. We will appreciate that a lot.

Wish for a pleasant cooperation between us.


Contact : L******   




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