RFQ for : Sulphur, posted by Importer from China
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
29 Oct 2012

Buy Lead Details


I would like to purchase lump sulphur 99.5%-99.9% and granular sulphur more than 99.9%.

Quantity Required : 2000 MT

Shipping Terms : CIF OR FOB

Destination Port : China

Payment Terms : L/C

Suppliers from all over the globe can contact us.


Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Vixxxxxx Waxx

COMPANY : Shxxxxxxx Yuxxxx Buxxxxxx & Trxxx Co., Ltx
ADDRESS : Ecxxxxx Dexxxxxxxxx Zoxx Shxxxxxxx Cixx,
Wexxxxx, Shxxxxxx, Chxxx
PHONE : 8x-1xxxxxxxxxx, 8x-1xxxxxxxxxx
EMAIL : sxxxx@yxxxxx.cx


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Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
25 Oct 2012
Dear Sir,

Our requirement is as follows:

Sulphur prilled 99.5% pure.

Quantity : 25,000mt x 12

Packed in one ton bags. (Bulk shipment)

Destination port : Qingdao, China.

Price must be for CIF please.


Contact : A****   

Wholesale demand for : Granular Sulfur (RFQ / Buylead from India)
18 Oct 2012

Our company need to buy 1000 kg 99.98% granular sulfur and in bag packed.

We would like to pay through L/C.

This item will be delivered at China port.

Suppliers from all over the world can send us their best CIF quotations on our email address.


Contact : MGK M****   

Wholesale demand for : Crude Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from Bangladesh)
20 Jul 2012
Dear Exporters,

We are interested to import crude sulphur in granular & lump forms on the following terms:

Quantity required : 20,000 MT per month

Shipping terms : FOB or CFR

Destination port: Chittagong Port, Bangladesh and Haldia Port, India and Qingdao Port, China

Payment through L/C.

Worldwide suppliers can quote us ASAP.


Contact : Akhtar A********   

Wholesale demand for : Sulfur Granules (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
23 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We require sulfur granules. Looking for 2000mt sulfur granules 99.8% purity for Durban South Africa. Please send us the offers ASAP.

Contact : Ken*****   

21 May 2012

We want to import thiourea dioxide, sodium hydrosulfite, sulphur black and flake yellow from worldwide exporters.

Shipping terms are based on FOB/ CIF/ CFR basis and payment will be done by L/C.

Destination port is Bandung, Indonesia.

Suppliers who supply this kind of material can contact us along with the product details.


Contact : Dewi K******   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur Flakes (RFQ / Buylead from China)
28 Apr 2012
Dear Sir,

We are sulphur importing company. We want to buy Korea sulphur flakes. Quantity required about 1000MT.

Please contact me and we could talk details with you.

Contact : Z*****   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from United Arab Emirates)
25 Apr 2012
Dear Sir,

I am looking for the reliable supplier of sulphur. The quantity required is about 5000 tons. Payment will be done by L/C. Suppliers from Russia can quote us their FOB China prices.

We are waiting for the immediate response.


Contact : Sasi*****   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur and Methanol (RFQ / Buylead from United Kingdom)
23 Apr 2012

We are serious buyer of sulphur and methanol in regular large quantities. Port of delivery is China. Payment term is FOB with L/C.


Contact : Gulraj*****   

19 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy sulphur lump, granular on the following terms :

Quantity Required : 1000mt-10,000mt
Pure percentage: 99.5 min
Devlivery and POD: CFR Qingdao
Payment: L/C at sight, L/C 90 Days preferred

Suppliers who can fulfill our requirements can send us the details.


Contact : Inna****   

Wholesale demand for : Granular Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from China)
17 Mar 2012

We want to purchase 99.9%min granular sulphur from Chinese suppliers. We will make 100% L/C payment and please send us best FOB price.

Our destination ports are Tanjian, Guangzhou port and have a regular demand.


Contact : Given****   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur 99.5% (RFQ / Buylead from United Kingdom)
24 Feb 2012
Dear Sir,

We are looking for sulphur 99.5%. Minimum requirement is 15,000 MT x 12 months - increasing to 50,000 MT x 12 months.

All those who can fulfill our requirement can send us the details and the best price.


Contact : J****   

Wholesale demand for : Yellow Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from India)
30 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We are in need of yellow sulphur. Product/material details -

Quantity : 100MT/Month (for trial shipment)
Specification : Sulphur
Target price CIF(Tuticorin Port) : Please Quote
Destination : Tuticorin, India

Please send reply to our mail id.

Contact : S******   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from India)
24 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We want to buy sulphur on the following terms :

Quantity : MT/Month (if satisfied further increased)
Specification : Sulphur
Target price CIF(Tuticorin Port) : Please quote
Destination : Tuticorin, India

All those who can fulfill our requirements can let us know the details.

Contact : S******   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
16 Jan 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a requirement for sulphur (in granules and/or lumps) on CFR Karachi and main ports China basis. We are a trading company operating from Karachi, Pakistan.

We are also exporters for cement, clinker, rice, maize, wheat from Pakistan and also involved in supplying base oil, diesel, furnace oil, sulphur, polymers, plastic scrap, scrap metal, urea and DAP.

Looking forward to receive a reply.

Contact : Hira*****   

Wholesale demand for : Sulfur (RFQ / Buylead from Jordan)
28 Dec 2011
Dear Sir/Madam

We have some buyers from Dubai looking for sulfur, they need an annual contract of 30,000 X 12. If suppliers can supply this kind of contract please contact me. What we ask is good quality and good price.

If anyone has any question we will be at your disposal.


Contact : Rasmi*****   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
23 Nov 2011

We are interested to import sulphur in Pakistan. We want suppliers from worldwide to contact us with their quotes and also send their CIF price.

Our payment terms are based 100% L/C at sight and destination port is Karachi.

Contact Person : Rao***********   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur Lumps (RFQ / Buylead from India)
16 Nov 2011
Dear Sir,

I have a need to import sulphur lumps on the following basis:

- Purity 99.98% - 99.95%
- Quantity 10000 tons X 12 months
- Price CIF ASWP/ European Ports
- Payment through confirmed, 100% payable at Sight LC Non-transferable

Interested parties can contact us ASAP.

Contact : Deepa******   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from Iran)
21 Oct 2011

We want to import Kazakhstan sulphur on the following basis:

Quantity : 10,000 ton
Destination port : China
Payment terms: L/C
Shipping terms : depends
Suppliers : Kazakhstan, Turkey

We are waiting for your response.

Contact : Mehra********   

Wholesale demand for : Sulphur (RFQ / Buylead from China)
19 Oct 2011
Dear Sir,

We would like to purchase sulphur. The specifications are as follows :

1. Product : Sulphur Granular/flake/half roll/lump

2. Specification : Purity 99.5% above, Color: bright yellow only

3. Target Price : USD205 for lump and powder, USD215/DMT for gradular based on 99.8% Purity. On CFR Qingdao port.

4. Quantity : 1000-10,000MT per month.

5. Destination Country and Port : Qingdao port or other China port which confirmed later.

6. Inspection : SGS or other inspection accepted.

7. Terms of Payment : 100% Irrevocable, non-transferable, documentary letter of credit at sight.

8. Documents : POP, Per-Shipment Analysis report ,BL, SGS, CIQ, etc.

9. Our Trade procedure Step 1-10:

1)LOI 2) FCO 3)Provide Past performance 4)Contract 5)2% Performance Bond 6)Draft Letter of credit 7)Pre-shipment inspection or POP from Bank swift 8) Issue LC 9) Vessel Loading 10)discharge CIQ.

Please feel free to contact me via my mail.

Contact : Neil**   

30 Aug 2011
Dear Sir,

As we are dealers in dyes, chemicals & liquid sulphur black, we need suppliers for textile dyes & liquid sulphur black. We need 1 to 2 quintals in Karnataka. We will make the payment through cheque.

Suppliers from India please contact us.


Contact : Ra****   




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