RFQ for : Bakery Products like Cakes, Snacks and Biscuits, posted by Importer from Egypt
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Buy Leads > Buy Lead for : Bakery Products like Cakes, Snacks and Biscuits

BUY : Bakery Products like Cakes, Snacks and Biscuits

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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
10 Oct 2012

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir,

We are a producer of confectionery products including hard candy and lollipops, etc. So, we would like to import cakes and biscuit products from Turkey to Egypt.

We need to buy around 1 x 20' container for trial order then after testing the market we will take in big quantity.

I am looking for filled cakes sold by individual piece. Also I want dry baked snacks like salty crackers with quantity as for first trial order 1x20' container.

The port of discharge will be AL Zahraa dry port, Cairo.

Payment will be made through L/C or by cash against documents.

We mainly prefer CIF as shipping terms.


Contact details (only visible to Premium Members):

Haxxx El Fexxx

COMPANY : Sixx Foxx Inxxxxxxxx
ADDRESS : 2 Al Shxxxx Isxxxx Faxxx St. Saxxx Omxxxx,
Hexxxxxxxx - Caxxx - Egxxx
PHONE : 0xx 0x 2xxxxxxx
EMAIL : hxxxxx@sxxx.cxx.ex


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Our requirement is on regular basis.

The quantity required is about 5000 boxes per month.

Delivery is required at Gujarat.


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27 Sep 2012
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We are seeking Asian suppliers who can supply us caramel chocolates and caramel toffees.

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31 Jul 2012

Our company want to buy organic foods like chocolates, fruit spreads, pastas and ready to eat foods.

Shipping Term : CIF

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Looking for supplier from Australia only.


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Wholesale demand for : Confectionery (RFQ / Buylead from India)
20 Jul 2012
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am in need to buy confectionery products like chocolate, toffee, candy from Indian manufacturers and supplier on regular basis.

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Payment mode is by cheque.

Suppliers please get back with all their best offer prices.

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19 May 2012
Dear Sir,

We need to buy minimum 200 cartoon per month 1000 box.

Shipping Term : FOB

Destination Port : Ahmedabad or Rajkot

Payment Mode : By cheque

Looking for supplier from India.


Contact : R*******   

30 Apr 2012
Dear Exporters,

We want to import confectionary like jellies and candies.

Packaging terms : standard packaging
Shipping terms : FOB
Destination port : Adelaide, Australia
Payment Terms : L/C
Suppliers : Vietnam, China & India


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We have request for chewing gum, need quotation for this request:

1. Our order can reach 150 MT per year.

2. Sugar Free.

3. All taste.

4. Shipping : CIF

5. Port of Delivery : Bardra Bas Port

6. Suppliers Wanted from : India & China

Let me have the quotation as soon as possible.

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Wholesale demand for : Candy & Chocolates (RFQ / Buylead from Turkey)
19 Apr 2012

We want to contact suppliers worldwide for our regular requirement of candies and chocolates. Please provide us best CIF, CNF price and the destination port is Istanbul port.

Payment terms can be discussed later.


Contact : Atf*****   

Wholesale demand for : Chocolates (RFQ / Buylead from India)
27 Mar 2012
Dear Exporters,

We need to buy regularly two containers of all varieties of chocolates like moka chocolate, caramel chocolate and dark black chocolate from Switzerland suppliers.

We want this delivered at Mumbai and Chennai.

Payment against L/C.


Contact : A****   

24 Mar 2012

We are looking for regular supplies of confectionery, biscuit, noodles, sauce from Indian suppliers. Shipping terms depends on the supplier and the destination port is Gujarat.

Payment will be made through cheque, cash.


Contact : R*******   

23 Mar 2012

We require 3000 case box per month of all types of confectionery like toffee, candy, lollipop, molding chocolate, milk chocolate & all types of cream wafer biscuit, enrobed wafer biscuit.

These all are required on regular basis for marketing in Gujarat. Please contact.

Contact : R*******   

17 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We are glad to introduce our company as a good reputation and brand olive oil importer and distributor in China, our sales channel is develop distributor in major city of China.

As our business expanded, we are looking for other food supplier, such as milk/milk powder/cookies/chocolate/honey/wine /oatmeal, from New Zealand, French, America, Australia and other country.

Food producers please do not hesitate to contact us for starting of our business.

A early reply will be much more appreciated.

Best regards.

Contact : A******   

17 Mar 2012
Dear Sir,

We need to buy regularly all varieties of chocolates like caramel chocolate, milk chocolate, black chocolate, Swiss chocolates. We are looking for suppliers from Switzerland and want two containers.

Delivery is to be done in Mumbai and Chennai and payment terms are based on L/C basis.


Contact : A****   

Wholesale demand for : Confectionery Items (RFQ / Buylead from India)
30 Jan 2012
Dear Sir,

We need to buy all types of confectionery products. Need 2000 boxes from India. All those suppliers who can fulfill our requirements can send the best price.


Contact : Ravi****   

Wholesale demand for : Chocolates (RFQ / Buylead from China)
21 Jan 2012

We have a requirement of chocolates and want to contact European suppliers in this regards. Please provide me the best FOB, CIF price and our delivery port is in China.


Contact : Ada*****   

Wholesale demand for : Biscuits (RFQ / Buylead from Morocco)
22 Dec 2011
Dear Sir,

We are one of the leading importers/distributors of foods and beverages, recognised by the government of this country, with chains of distributing agents throughout the major commercial cities of West African countries.

Our long experience has gained us numerous customers among whom are leading retailers who constantly demand in large quantities.

Meanwhile, we are interested in biscuits. Therefore, we are hereby advising to forward us the price range and the specification of the above mentioned products base in large quantities for our study.

Thanking you in advance, while looking forward having a long lasting business relationship in the near future.

Best Regards

Contact : Oscar******   




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