RFQ for : Plastic Raw Material, posted by Importer from India
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
18 Nov 2011

Buy Lead Details

Dear Sir,

We would like to buy all type of plastic raw materials. We require the delivery in Pune and shipping terms depends on the supplier.

We will make the payment through cheque or bank transfer. Suppliers from India or China please send me the details of the products and for more details please call.

Contact : Gi****


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Wholesale demand for : Plastic Grade HIPS (RFQ / Buylead from India)
31 Oct 2011

We require huge quantity of plastics HIPS grade regrind in natural /milky colour. Please quote CIF price basis India.


Contact : Suresh*******   

31 Oct 2011

We need grade a quality reprocessed granules as follows from U.S.A , Korea, U.K, Latin America.
LD /LLDP - clear natural film grade
PP - clear - blown / injection grade
PPCP - from scrap battery - white / black
HD - from milk bottle / glucose bottles - blowing grade.

Please reply at our email id.


Contact : Ashok*****   

31 Oct 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,

We are looking for:

- the PP raw material to do pipes for waste water system in the buildings.

- the PP random copolymer to do pipes for clean water system and the radiators in the buildings.

- the HDPE 100 raw material to do corrugated pipes for underground waste water discharge system.

Please inform us if you have one of them.

Thank you in advance.

Contact : Izgi Tar********   

29 Oct 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,

We like to import the following item from Malaysia on regular basis. If exporters are interested then please quote best FOB price/MT.

PVC Clear transparent & Non transparent sheet.
- Medical grade.
- Thickness: 0.275mm (275micron)
- Width: 310mm
- Weight Per Roll: Approximate Net Weight 25kgs
- Packing: Export Worthy


Contact : Giash Udd*******   

Wholesale demand for : PP, PPRC, HDPE 100 (RFQ / Buylead from Turkey)
25 Oct 2011
Dear Sir/Madame,

We are looking for:

- the PP raw material to do pipes for waste water system in the buildings.

- the PP random copolymer to do pipes for clean water system and the radiators in the buildings.

- the HDPE 100 raw material to do corrugated pipes for underground waste water discharge system.

Please inform us if you have one of them.

Thank you in advance.

Contact : Izgi Tarak******   

21 Oct 2011
Dear Sir,

We need to import plastic raw material like PA6 and PA66, if suppliers can supply these, please send me their MOQ and price details.

Thank you very much!


Contact : K**   

20 Oct 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking for PP random copolymer virgin for making corrugated pipe, waste water pipe and PPR pipe/fittings.

MFR: 0.30 g/10min.
Density: 0.900 g/cm3.

Our trial order will be 10 MT and then it will be 500 MT every month. Interested parties can send the detailed specification & information regarding this product.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Contact : Izgi Tar********   

17 Oct 2011
Dear Sir / Madam,

We need as follows on regular basis. Please provide rates.

1. PPCP recycled granules
2. LD recycled granules- natural grade a quality or prime grade, blown or injection
3. HD recycled granules- natural grade a quality or prime grade / blown or injection.
4. PP recycled granules- natural grade a quality or prime grade / blown or injection.
5. BOPP recycled granules- natural grade a quality or prime grade / blown film.

Please reply at my email id all the details - rates and samples.

Contact : A. K******   

Wholesale demand for : LDPE, HDPE (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
28 Sep 2011

We require 100 mt p/m of good quality scrap LDPE as well as HDPE. We are situated in Delmas, Mphumalanga, South Africa.

Our requirement is for South Africa only. We request suppliers to give us best quotes ASAP.


Contact : James**********   

17 Sep 2011
Dear Sir,

We are looking for regular and quality suppliers of plastic raw materials like HDPE, LDPE, PP. Interested parties kindly get back to us with your quotations and prices.


Contact : S****   

Wholesale demand for : HDPE, LDPE, PP Material (RFQ / Buylead from United States)
16 Sep 2011

We are manufacturer of monofilament rope, PP rope from 2003. We are using HDPE, LDPE, PP as a raw material for our product.

Our requirement is of 60-80 tons per year and delivery is to be done in Gujarat. Interested parties please quote FOB price and payment will be made through bank transfer.

Worldwide suppliers inform us about product detail and specification or if their any introductory about product and company.


Contact : Keynard*****   

23 Aug 2011
Dear Sirs,

We are looking to buy the following raw materials:

* Polyethylene (PE)
* Polypropylene (PP)
* Polystyrene (PS)
* Polyamide (PA)

We would be pleased to welcome you at our firm or receive offers by email. The material can be in film regrind - regranulates (Pellets).

Usually we buy a complete truck of 20-22 tons or minimum 5 tons. Please send us your offers with price and payment conditions.

Best regards

Contact : Julienne***   

23 Aug 2011
Dear Sir,

We need polypropylene (PP) Granules: used for making cement bags, 2 kinds:

1)PP Granules Melt Index( MI): 3.2- 3.5g/ 10 minutes
2)PP Granules MI: 18- 28g/ 10 minutes

- Quantity: 100- 200 tons per month
- Color: Virgin Natural (white and transparent)
- Origin: fresh material

And suppliers kindly please send me:

- Most competitive price, FOB price
- All its specification and its origin information
- Terms of delivery and payment and so on

Contact : H**   

Wholesale demand for : Clear PET Granules (RFQ / Buylead from Turkey)
19 Aug 2011
Dear Sir,

I am looking to buy PET Granules on the following terms :

Product Specifications: Micronised PET (Powder or Granule)
Quantity Required: 1000 tons
Shipping Terms: FOB & CIF
Destination Port: Istanbul Ambarli Port
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T

Suppliers please contact us on our email address for the best offers.

Kind Regards

Contact : Alpay********   

Wholesale demand for : Clear PET Granule (RFQ / Buylead from Turkey)
17 Aug 2011
Dear Sir,

I am in need of 1000 tons clear PET granule. Please quote me FOB & CIF price to Istanbul.

Contact : Alpay********   

29 Jul 2011
Dear Sir

We are engaged in a wide range of activities including Three-waste products ,waste film, waste plastics ,waste paper and other Plastic pellet and resin products. Here I want to bulk-buying good in quality of ABS, PP, LLDPE, LDPE, HIPS and other plastic pellet or resin products, total in 300-500 tons per month was demanded. As follows attached the pellets products' standard and demanded :

ABS : 1.LG Deputy licening plastic material
2.Inventory is not expected

HIPS : 1 : ordinary grade
2 : inflaming retarding grade
3 : environmental grade ( VIA POHS identification)
PE: LLDPE ,HDPE,LDPE (was used for Stretch Film )

If you have other plastic relational production please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Thanks and yours faithfully

Contact : W***   

20 Jul 2011
Dear Sir,

We are a company responsible for importing raw plastic material to our manufacturer in Egypt. Our major focus entails custom producing plastic products to tailor the customers' needs. Our office is located in both Cairo, Egypt and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are currently seeking new products. Our product of interest is specified below:

PP Random Co-polymer
Processing technique : Blow moulding PP random copolymer
I am looking for similar gradient to the specification mentioned above. Our application is extracted using a blow-molding machine and the final product is a plastic bottle of capacity 1 5 liters that may be used for: medication, shampoo and soap, etc..

Please provide me with the following:
1. Specification of the gradient
2. A quote CIF Alexandria, Egypt for approximately 40 tons every month.
3. A sample of the material (25 or 50kg) to test compatibility with our machines and market.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

This is the Data sheet I need

Item, Typical Value, Unit Test method, ASTM
Melt Index, 1.8 g/10min, D1238
Softening Point(Vicat), 140C, D1525
Tensile Strength at Yield, 320 kg/cm, D638
Elongation at Break >500, %, D638
IZOD Impact Strength(Notched, 23 C) 9.5, kgcm/cm D256
Flexural Modulus, 14000 kg/cm D790
Hardness(Rockwell) 80, R Scale D785
Heat Distortion Temperature 82 C D648
Accelerated Oven Aging(in Air at 150C) 360 hr, D3012
Spiral Flow 500 mm SK Method
Haze< 15 % D1003


Contact : M*****   

Wholesale demand for : PVC, DOP (RFQ / Buylead from India)
19 Jul 2011
Dear Sir,

We are from India and are looking for PVC, DOP from LG Chem, Korea & other reputed manufacturer from Korea.

Exporters please revert back to us with their specifications.


Contact : M****   

Wholesale demand for : PMMA Off Cut Sheets (RFQ / Buylead from Singapore)
16 Jul 2011

We are importers and exporters of all types virgin offgrade recycle granules in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HIPS, SAN, GPPS, PMMA, ABS, PC, PPC, PPR, PPH, as well virgin engineering plastics and need regular supply of off cut PMMA sheet scrap.

Please provide email address, port of discharge, type of material, mi and density, application so that we can quote quickly.

We also have copper rods and welding equipment used in automotive industry.

Await queries soonest.

Contact : H*****   

Wholesale demand for : HDPE Blow, PP, LLDPE (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
16 Jul 2011
Dear Sir

I require

1.) Reprocessed PP Injection grade granules, colour red, blue, green, yellow, Clear, white, milky white
2. ) Reprocessed HDPE Injection grade granules, colour, red, blue, green, yellow
3. ) Reprocessed HDPE Blow grade granules, black, natural, white
4. ) Reprocessed HDPE Pipe Grade granules, Black
5. ) Reprocessed PVC pipe grade granules.

Please contact me on my email address with all the details.

Contact : Dr. Khalid****   




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