RFQ for : Grease, posted by Importer from Kuwait
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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
23 Aug 2010

Buy Lead Details

Kindly quote your most competitive price for :

1). BP Grease LSPE 2 ( 15 kg packing) require 300 kg.
2). BP Grease LS 3 (15 kg. packing) require 225kg.

Kindly inform what other products are dealing. Earlier reply appreciable.

Contact : Hatim Ali Dawood


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26 Jul 2010
We are looking for serious stockist or distributor of oil lubricants (automotive, marine, industrial, mining, and so many) in the Philippines. Interested person please contact or email our Philippines representative in her email address for any information about the company.

Dilip Shah   

Wholesale demand for : Greases (RFQ / Buylead from Namibia)
23 Apr 2010
We enquire for motor oil, greases etc.

Contact : Simon Erago   

Wholesale demand for : Automotive Lubricants (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
18 Jan 2010
Dear Sirs

We are interested in a mutual happy & long term business of automotive lubricants. Therefore please advise us about this to have further negotiation with you.
Our required products are as following:
1-API: CF-4/SG, CF/SF, SAE20W50 & SAE60 in packing of 5L, 6L & 4L
2-Gear Oil , GL-4 & GL-5 , SAE-140 & SAE85W140
3-Hydraulic 68 in packing of 20L
4-ATF Type A & Dexroon III in packing of 1L
5- Brack Fluid in packing of 250ml & 355ml.

Abdul Salam   

15 Jan 2010
We need purchase grease, hydraulic oil and so on, if your company have these product.

Contact : Angelina   

Wholesale demand for : Sae Motor Oil (RFQ / Buylead from Cote D'Ivoire)
17 Aug 2009
We are a company based in west Africa. Actually, we are in an urgent need of motor oil. Its characteristics are below:

URSA ed 50
SAE 50 motor oil
API : CC/ SC mil- l- 2104 b

A diesel and petrol mineral oil for no- turbocharger engines. Protects against ruster and corrosion. Resistance to high temperature oxidation.

Miss VaniT   

20 Mar 2009
Looking for brakes pads, grease, lubricant, rubber products


24 Oct 2008
Looking for styrene monomer, ethyl benzene, white oil, liquid paraffin oil, stearic acid, calcium stearate, zinc stearate, antistatic, lubricant, poly wax, pantane, butadiene rubber, nacconal.

Contact : Shujaat   

17 Sep 2008
we would be intrested in engine oils and greases for supply in india. We belive in best quality and cvery competetive prices. Kndly mail us ur product list along with the prices.

Contact : Chirag   

Wholesale demand for : Recycled Base Oil (RFQ / Buylead from Jordan)
30 May 2008
We like to buy recycled base oil for textile machines lubrication.

Mohammad Nabulsi   

Wholesale demand for : Engine Oil, Brake, Gear Oil (RFQ / Buylead from Sierra Leone)
17 Mar 2008
We are interested for various types of engine oil, brake, gear oil and transmission oil.

Contact :
Sheik A.Fofanah   

Wholesale demand for : Grease, Lubricants (RFQ / Buylead from Australia)
28 Feb 2008
This is to inform you that our com. is looking for industrial maintenance product. Product given below.

Grease-all types
Lubricants, -all types
Drain products, building maintenance products,

Please send us details of products and your terms and condition of the deal.

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Wholesale demand for : Auto Lubricant (RFQ / Buylead from India)
28 Jan 2008
We are interested to buy auto lubricant or equivalent to that product mainly for automobile, so kindly send us the details with there competitive prices, as soon as you get our mail.

Contact :
Prateek Mehta   

Wholesale demand for : Lubricants, Grease (RFQ / Buylead from Syrian Arab Republic)
18 Jan 2008
Dear Sir,

We are Syrian company located in Nigeria , we supply and sell grease to the transportaion and construction companies in Nigeria , we are interested in multi-purpose grease and heat resistant grease ( thick grease ) kindly please quote your best price CIF Lagos ,

Yours ,

Executive Manager   




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