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2627 Buyers of Petroleum, Oil & Related Products
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Stanley Gomez Sdn Bhd 

Importer / Buyer of : Sugar, wheat, rice, refined soybean oil, milk powder, urea, bitumen


SiAn India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 

Importer / Buyer of : PP, bitumen, transformer oil, plastic scrap


Yakun Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 

Importer / Buyer of : Base oil SN 500, paraffin wax, slack wax, RPO, bitumen


Magnate Maritime Pvt. Ltd. 

Importer / Buyer of : Gas oil - D2, fuel oil - mazut, aviation fuel - JP54, gold - dore and bullion, copper - millberry, scrap, cathodes, isotopes, scrap HMS 1& 2


Dost General Trading LLC 

Importer / Buyer of : FMCG food & non food, commodities, bitumen all grades

United Arab Emirates

Vintel Exports 

Importer / Buyer of : Bitumen, cement and pharmaceutical


Saurashtra Colour Co 

Importer / Buyer of : Kerosene, furnace oil, toluene, acetone, mix-xylene


Maruti Chemicals Company 

Importer / Buyer of : Propylene glycol, furfuryl alcohol, bitumen


Dynam International 

Importer / Buyer of : Used rails, bitumen, copper scrap


Zenith Industrial Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. 

Importer / Buyer of : Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, synthetic oxide


Air Paper India Pvt. Ltd. 

Importer / Buyer of : Wax, carbon black


Minerva Group 

Importer / Buyer of : Water meters, medical equipment, pumps, hydel power projects, wind energy systems, pipes, tubular, tubing, casing for oil and gas


Reynold Grits Ventures 

Importer / Buyer of : Crude oil


Elgee Capital Enterprises 

Importer / Buyer of : Powdered milk, petrochemicals, gold

United States

Progressive Minerals (India) Pvt Ltd 

Importer / Buyer of : Coal, pet coke, bitumen, petroleum, urea, minerals


Darico Systems 

Importer / Buyer of : Crude oil, jet fuel, oil products

United States

Jilin Huaxing Trade Co. Ltd. 

Importer / Buyer of : Crude oil, heavy fuel oil


Total Servicos, Import/Export, Representacoes Lda 

Importer / Buyer of : Petroleum crude oil, ligth crude oil, jet fuel, kerosen, d-2, base oil-n500


Viscount Petroleum LLC. 

Importer / Buyer of : Crude oil, Jet Fuel, LPG and D2

United States

I T C O 

Importer / Buyer of : Petroleum & petroleum products, petro coke, asphalt, agri products

Syrian Arab Republic

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